WASC Parent Survey
Please complete the survey as honestly as possible. This is an opportunity for parents to share their thoughts on key aspects of the Matt Garcia Career and College Academy. Data will be used to make decisions about the school in the future.
What is your ethnic group? *
What is your gender? *
What grade is your student(s) in? *
Parents and families have the opportunity to participate in important decisions about their student's education. *
I understand the mission/vision of the school. *
Teachers in my student's school help every student achieve state content standards. *
My student's school supports all students so they will succeed. *
The administrator at my student's school makes sure the school environment and instructional programs help students learn. *
My student's school is orderly and supports learning. *
I feel free to express my opinions or concerns to the staff at my student's school. *
My student has a wide range of activities available to meet his/her interests and talents at school (clubs, sports, after school activities). *
I am aware of how I can be involved at my student's school. *
The staff at my student's school acts with integrity and fairness. *
My student feels safe at school. *
My student feels respected at school. *
My student's school respects the different cultures represented in our community. *
My student is challenged to do his/her best at school. *
My student's school encourages me to attend events by scheduling them at appropriate times. *
I receive adequate communication about school programs and my student's academic progress. *
When I share concerns with the administration or my student's teachers, they are addressed. *
Teachers in my student's school provide instructional activities that give students options for learning in more than one way. *
Teachers clearly explain expectations for my student at the beginning of every school year. *
The work my student does at school prepares him/her for real-world situations. *
Additional support and instructional time is available for my student if he/she needs it. *
My student's school believes all students can learn. *
The administrator at my student's school is easy to access. *
I actively work with my student's school to improve student learning. *
My student's school is doing a good job of preparing students to continue their education at more advanced levels. *
I use Aeries Parent Portal to monitor my student's academic progress. *
I use the Matt Garcia website to get information about the school (newscast, calendar of events, counseling information, etc.) *
My student accesses websites or online courses maintained by teachers. *
My student uses email or Google Hangouts to communicate with teachers. *
My student has one or more teachers that require use of an online classroom (Google Classroom, Schoology). *
The technology at my student's school is up to date. *
My student uses technology effectively during the school day. *
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