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This form will help us to be sure we have the correct information for the musician and their parent to best help you get involved in the AMP Program.

We will follow up with you when opportunities to audition come up! Those generally occur in December/January (for AMP Spring), April/May (AMP Summer Camp), and August (for AMP Fall).

If we follow up and request an audition, click here for our Audition Requirements:
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We want your information!
Thank you for your interest in AMP! Please fill out the following form so we can follow up with ideas for the best way to get you involved in AMP!

Some musicians may be prepared to jump right into an AMP band, while others may need more time to become proficient on their instrument before joining a band. Due to the nature of small rock groups, AMP delicately balances the amount of musicians we serve. Therefore, admission to AMP programming is based not only on individual proficiency and passion but also on scheduling and capacity. Fill out this form to give us a better idea of how to serve you!

Please note: AMP's current programming only serves students from 6th-12th grades. However, if you are in 5th grade or below, fill out the form below to be first in line as we roll out beginner programs!
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Thanks for your interest in about AMP! We'll reach out when the next opportunity to audition comes up
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