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Does the business's location add to its value? Are there any attractions or shopping centers that bring foot-traffic into your business? *
Are you leasing the current office(s), do you own the building(s), or is this a home-based operation? *
If leasing, what do you pay each month and what is included? (please provide copy of lease) *
What Tax Preparation Software are you currently using? *
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Do you provide off-season services to clients? If so, what kind? Is there opportunity to offer additional services you may or may not be licensed to offer? ie Financial Services, Attorney services etc. *
What goals do you have for exiting and transitioning your business? *
What is the main reason for selling your business? Retirement? Switching Industries/Careers? *
What qualities does your ideal buyer need to have so we can properly identify one? *
Are you interested in staying on after the sale to help transition? If so, how long and what terms would need to be agreed to? *
What are you looking forward to doing after your business is sold?! *
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