Project Proposal for Board Consideration
General Instructions:  Any NATA Board Member may recommend or request project ideas to the board. If necessary changes may be made to the budget in support of activities that serve the mission of NATA.

•  All changes and additions to the NATA Budget totaling $100 or more must be approved by a majority vote of the General Board.
•  Projects less than $100 may be approved by the Executive Committee.
•  Complete all questions to request a new project and/or funds adding to the amount budgeted for a standard line item.
•  Submissions will be considered at regular board meetings (March, July, September) unless otherwise necessary. Submit no later than 1 week prior to board meeting to be considered for board meeting agenda.
•  Upon completion of the project, submit a summary report that includes:
          - Receipts/financial statements for all expenditures
          - Evaluation of objectives
          - Audience served
          - Recommendations for next steps
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Project Overview
1.  Persons submitting this proposal and contact information *
2.  Email contact: *
3.  Project Title: *
4.  This session provides an opportunity for learning a new skill & provides the information to continue the practice in your own studio or in your classroom. Our goal is to provide opportunities for NATA members to come together to socialize over something art related! *
Explain why NATA should support this project (how it serves the mission of NATA)
5.  Share any NATA historical context for this project. *
6.  Who is impacted by this project? *
7.  Provide a timeline for the project. *
Financial Needs
Consult with the NATA Treasurer about availability of funds and recommendations for “one-time special project” or “permanent/line item” status for the activity.
8.  Total amount of money requested from NATA. How much is already in the budget (if applicable)? *
9.  Provide a draft of the budget for how money from NATA would be spent *
10.  List other sources of funding (actual and potential): underwriters, entry fees, grants, etc. *
11.  Name and address to whom funding should be directed *
12.  Please email NATA President about your submission:
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