UU Forward Together Survey
Please help UU Forward Together give life the shape of justice by telling us how we can support the social justice work of individual UUs and UU congregations in North Carolina, create partnerships with other organizations that are working for social justice, and promoting our UU values through education, organizing, witness, advocacy, lobbying, and action.
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What could UU Forward Together do during the coming year to help you and your congregation give life the shape of justice?
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What's your opinion about the value of the following UU Forward Together publications, events, or activities?
Very Valuable
Somewhat Valuable
Not Valuable
Forward Together Website
HKonJ March and Gathering
On-Line Webinars, Workshops, and Discussion Groups
Forward Together Legislative Updates
Forward Together Annual Gathering
Forward Together Action Alerts
Networking Calls for Social Justice Leaders
Regional/Congregational Workshops
Forward Together Newsletters
Justice on Jones Street Lobbying Day
How interested would you (or others in your congregation/community) be in the following possible Forward Together workshops or programs?
Very Interested
Somewhat Interested
Not Interested
Building and Working in Partnerships and Coalitions
Capacity Building for Justice Leaders & Activists
Grounding Justice in Our UU Values
Dismantling White Supremacy
An Intersection Approach to Social Justice
Social Justice Advocacy Tools & Tips
Sustaining & Nurturing the Justice Work of UU Congregations
UUA Common Read On-Line Book Discussion
What Can Be Done to Save Democracy?
Creating Climate Justice
What subjects (other than those listed above) would you suggest for possible UU Forward Together workshops or programs during the coming year?
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What is UU Forward Together not doing now that we should be doing?
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What is UU Forward Together doing now that just isn't working and should be allowed to die?
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What is UU Forward Together doing now that we could do differently or better?
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Would you be willing to help organize, lead, or be a member of a UU Forward Together Justice Action Team?
Voting Rights & Democracy
Gun Violence/Gun Safety
Immigrant & Refugee Justice
Environmental/Climate Justice
Economic Justice & Poverty
Health Care
Racial Justice
Other comments, suggestions, insights, or ideas?
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