Every Girl Dolls - South Asian Doll
Today, we believe, you should be able to find a doll that resembles you. Not just your skin color, but who you want to be. In our research, we have found a lack of South Asian dolls on the market. There are a few brands that have dolls with brown skin, but nothing modern or defining that celebrates the unique culture. We'd like to create dolls for South Asian kids of today.

Bratko, a clinical director of the Women's Therapy Center in Berkeley, California (qtd in Perez) stated "When parents give a child a doll that looks like her, they're saying: 'There are people like you in the world. You matter just as much as anyone else.' "

Whether you are buying for a child in your life, or you have fond memories of playing with dolls when you were young, we'd love your input to help us design a doll for generations to love.

Perez, Damarys Ocaña. “How Important Are Ethnic Dolls?” Parents Latina Magazine, 3 Nov. 2015, www.parents.com/parents-latina-magazine/how-important-are-ethnic-dolls.
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