ACRES REU - Summer 2023 Mentor Signup 

Please complete this form to indicate your interest in serving as a mentor as part of the Summer 2023 Advanced Computational Research Experience (ACRES) REU program, and to propose a tentative project idea.  ACRES is a 10 week residential summer program that will take place on MSU's campus on May 22 - July 28, 2023.  Please see see for more information about the program, including descriptions of previous projects, mentors, and participants, and to see a short video introducing the REU to prospective participants.

ACRES supports 10-12 students in a typical summer and typically receives a much larger number of mentor applications. As a consequence, we will evaluate mentor/project applications using the following criteria:
  1. Alignment of the proposed research project with NSF-supported areas of research and with the purview of the ACRES REU (i.e., computational and data science algorithms and applications).
  2. Contribution of the proposed research project to a diverse range of potential project areas.
  3. Likelihood that ACRES applicants will have the necessary background to successfully complete the project in 10 weeks (ACRES students come from a wide range of majors and are required to have two semesters of calculus and/or programming courses by the time they start the program, but often have more experience than that.) 
  4. Likelihood that the mentor (or mentoring team) will be able to successfully mentor ACRES students. 
  5. Availability of the mentor for REU activities at the beginning and end of the program, and general availability during the program.
The mentor/project information will be listed on the REU website in early November and will be used for advertising purposes.  ACRES student applications are typically due in late January or early February, and the REU cohort is finalized by March.  As part of the application process REU applicants will rank their preferences for projects, which will be one piece of information used to match students with projects and research groups.

This form will close on Friday October 28th, 2022 and mentor applicants will be notified of the outcome approximately a week later.
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Full name *
Preferred MSU email address *
Primary academic unit *
Position at MSU *
If you are not a faculty member, who is your primary mentor?  (Please include their name, primary unit on campus, and MSU email address.)
How many REU students are you interested in hosting in your group?  (Note: mentors are expected to provide independent projects for each student - i.e., if you have two students in your group, they need to have two separate projects!) *
In addition to you, are there other people in your group – i.e., graduate students or postdocs – who can serve as research mentors to the REU students? *
Briefly describe your previous experience mentoring undergraduate research students and the outcomes of those experiences.  Alternately, if you have not yet mentored an undergraduate student in a research capacity but have taken workshops, read about mentoring, or have thoughts about how you'd like to structure a summer research experience for a student, please share that here! *
Please provide a brief description of a research project that the REU student might work on.  It would be particularly helpful to include the necessary skills and expected outcome of the project - i.e., what do students need to know in order to be able to complete this project?  What are the deliverable(s) that the student might present to the group at the end of the summer?  You may find it helpful to look at descriptions of previous projects (summer 2019summer 2021, summer 2022) for examples of what students have found helpful in making their decisions. This description is non-binding, and it's fine if next summer's project is somewhat different - we want project descriptions to capture the general idea of what students would do in your group! *
Which of the following activities/dates do you anticipate you will be available for?  (These are key activities in the REU.) *
Do you anticipate that you will be generally available and reachable during the 10-week REU period (roughly the last week of May to the last week of July)? *
This is to ensure that an REU student is not left without contact with you for too long and to ensure that the REU organizers can reach you via email within a reasonable time frame (i.e., while understanding that people are gone during the summer for vacation, conferences, etc.).
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