NC Financial Commitment Form - May 2017
We are in the process of planning for our new annual budget that will begin in June. We would like to ask for your help as we make those plans. Oftentimes, budgeting can seem a lot like guessing. It’s hard to know exactly how much money we will spend and, even more so, how much money we will receive. As we seek to be good managers of the resources that God has and will continue to entrust to us as a church, we ask for you to prayerfully consider the upcoming year and the financial gifts you will make.

As a church family, we really believe that God cares more about the inward condition of our hearts than the outward action of our lives. It’s very easy to focus on outward obedience without a vibrant heart of worship, the very thing God hates. It’s this tension that makes commitments like this one difficult. In Matthew 6:21, Jesus makes it clear that there is a direct connection to the things we treasure in our lives and the very affections of our heart. Jesus also desires that out of the overflow of our hearts, we would be open-handedly surrendered to Jesus with even things like our money.

Above all else, this is about relationship with Jesus. Not that giving money gets us relationship with Jesus, but rather that relationship with Jesus changes how we handle everything in our lives, including money. So in this process, the Lord is calling you to seek him as his child. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your decision and then complete the form below by May 15. Physical cards will also be available the next 2 Sundays at our worship gatherings if you prefer that method.

As you prayerfully consider this, be sure to check out North Church's biblical position on finances ( Also, let us know if you would like to talk with an elder about this (

Thanks for being a part of our church family and sowing seeds into the kingdom of God to reach our city and world with the gospel.

Please complete by Sunday, May 21.
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