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Please note: Your Epic Account must show that you have played Fortnite for 90 days before applying. Please be sure your Affiliate Name matches your Epic display name exactly, or as close as possible. Your Creator Code will be automatically generated based on your current Epic Games display name. If your display name contains any special characters other than an underscore (_), dash (-) or dot (.), we’ll remove them and add randomly assigned numbers to the end of your new Creator Code (this is to make sure it is typeable and unique).

IMPORTANT: If you do not want a Creator Code based on your current Epic Games display name, please be sure to change your Epic Games display name to something that will work better for you as a Creator Code before you apply.
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Please record a video that shows you working in Creative mode on your own Island creation. During the video, you must show the island settings menu and have the phone tool or phone tool icon visible. Upload the video to YouTube, mark as public or unlisted (not private) and provide the link here. Note: Either your Epic Games account name or Support-a-Creator name must be clearly displayed in the video. *
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