San Francisco Tsunami Aquatics: Request for Dues and Fees Assistance
San Francisco Tsunami Aquatics strives to make membership open to as many swimmers as possible, regardless of ability to pay, because we know that a diverse team is a stronger team.

It is crucial to note that all Tsunami Aquatics members must still be a member of United States Masters Swimming or United States Synchronized Swimming Association in order to swim with the team.

Any documentation that you choose to submit can be sent to the Treasurer or Billing Manager at The board as a whole will review the facts of each application, however your name will remain confidential and known only to the Billing Manager, Treasurer, or the board members responsible for applications.

If approved, requests are effective for 6 months to 1 year. If you still have financial need at the end of your approval term, you may reapply.

Please talk with the Billing Manager, Treasurer, or any other board member if you have questions or comments about the Dues and Fee Assistance application.

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