Nebraska Adventist Disaster Relief Resources
Thank you for being willing to volunteer at the Nebraska Flooding Warehouse. Adventist Community Services was partnering with the Salvation Army to operate this large donations warehouse. I have been there the past two weeks to help open the warehouse and manage the inventory and paperwork related to such a large operation. We opened a second larger warehouse last weekend for truckloads coming into the State. We have been getting plenty of volunteers each day.

Thank you to those that did come and assist the past two weeks. As of this afternoon I am turning the Adventist Community Services inventory portion over to the Salvation Army, so I can get back to my day job at Union College.

Most of what is being requested now are large construction equipment and assistance, debris removal, long term housing needs, and agriculture assistance. You might want to click on this link: to see the requests and locations for needed resources.

Again, thanks for being willing to help! Below is a link to a map showing all the affected areas in Nebraska.

Affected areas:

Again, thank you for your willingness to serve by being the hands and feet for Jesus. If I get further requests for assistance, I'll let you know.

In His service,

Rick Young

Adventist Community Services Disaster Relief Coordinator for Nebraska
Kansas- Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Chair, Emergency Management and Exercise Science
Director, International Rescue and Relief program
3800 South 48th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68506-4386

402.486.2980 office

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