Interview for your eCommerce Expert Profile
Now we get to the exciting part! It is time to promote you to employers in www.eCommerce.Expert. To do this, we need to learn more about you, provide examples of your skillset and tool experience and understand what you are looking for in an online job.

The result will be that employers feel more confident in who they are hiring and will hire you faster and at a better salary.

Please spare some time to answer this survey since this needs to be done all at once. Read and understand the questions before answering. Review answers and files before clicking SUBMIT.

If you need help or have questions get in touch via

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Would you prefer to work full-time or part-time? Full Time *
It is usually possible for you to start part-time and then move full-time when you gain confidence in the employer. You don’t have to make a final decision now, but it’s good to have a starting point for discussion with an employer.
Can you work during USA, EU & AU business hours? *
Many eCommerce employers are located in the USA, Europe or Australia. Some, NOT ALL, are looking for employees in who can work during their business hours. We need to know if you can work during these business hours. It is not a problem if you can't.
What is your preferred schedule? *
Working mornings, afternoons, nights? Do you have other commitments such as picking children up from school? Or other clients/jobs? This can affect the type of tasks you are given by an employer. If you need more flexibility due to family commitments then the employer gives you less time-critical tasks. Please describe.
Do you have a preferred USD hourly rate? *
It is okay to have a guess and also okay to say you don’t know. There are ’standard’ rates paid for different levels of quality and experience. We can show you how to negotiate a starting salary and then request increases over time. But, we need a starting point that is comfortable for you.
When can you start a new online job? *
Tomorrow, next week or next month? If you already have a job then it is polite to provide at least 2 week’s notice to your current employer. Most new employers will respect your morals if you ask for a few weeks to finish your existing job.
Why should an employer take a chance and hire you? *
Employers are entering into a long-term relationship with you. What can you tell them, in less than 30 seconds, that will make them read further?This is a really hard thing to write. But, think about it from their perspective. eCommerce employers are looking for people with a few unique skills. This could be a technical skill or it could be that you are super friendly. Anything is okay as long as it defines your current situation.You can write 3 to 5 bullet points. Or you can write a 50 word paragraph.
What software skills and experiences do you have? *
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Provide samples of the software skills and experiences you listed above. *
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Your Computer *
Imagine you own a restaurant and you want to hire a chef. Would you prefer to hire a chef who has sharp or blunt knives? The tools that you bring to your job are very important. They need to be in good working order, reliable and suitable for the job. Describe your computer setup. How old is it? RAM? Current software.
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Your Working Environment *
Yes, it’s great to be able to work from home. But you’re still working aren’t you! Someone is paying you to do a job. To concentrate on your work you need to set aside a dedicated space for working. Open eCommerce University homepage on your computer screen. Then take a photo of your working space, including your computer.
How fast is your typing? Can you beat me? *
This is me :) Test your typing speed here:, screenshot the result and upload here.
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