The Basics; Refined!
Hello Furrriend! Please fill out as accurately as possible, someone will get back to you in 2-3 business days :-) By filling out this form you understand that there are no refunds or credits, ALL training is non-transferable.


3 consecutive Weeks Long - 60min Classes - $199 - 4 students max per class - 2 people per dog max

This class is for anyone that wants to stop being pulled around town by their fuzzbutt when they see a friend down the street!  Save your shoulders and your arm sockets and get your dog walking on a loose leash like a champ. Refine that recall and get serious about making teaching recall FUN *AND* EFFECTIVE! This class is not suitable for acutely leash reactive dogs as we will be in somewhat close quarters indoors for part of the time. Please email before registering to make sure this is the class for you if you are unsure (and maybe even check out our Royal City Reactive Dog Club instead!)

This registration does *not* include a treat pouch, please bring yours to class!
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All dogs must come in on a collar, harness, and a standard 6ft leash. We require that you bring high value treats, and a training mat. These items can be purchased on site, if you didn't bring it with you. *
Have you completed (or are about to complete) the most recent round of classes at Mindful Mutts? *
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If you have a gift certificate, please enter the gift certificate number below. Physical copy of GC MUST be brought with you and handed in at the start of class. Expired certificates will require payment in order to participate. *
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I understand that Mindful Mutts cannot offer refunds if you cancel or miss classes due to illness. We do not offer make up classes, and we cannot offer refunds if you or your dog becomes ill. *
I understand that any use of force, physical punishment, pseudoscience (energy/dog whispering), or use of shock/choke/prong/e-collars etc intended to inflict pain and fear in my dog will not be tolerated and are strictly prohibited. I understand that Mindful Mutts reserves the right to refuse service to anyone insisting on using these painful tools and training methods, and that I risk losing my paid sessions/packages at any time without refunds or credits given if found not following ethical training/handling guidelines as provided by Mindful Mutts. I understand that puppy socials may be cancelled if we have less than 3 dogs scheduled, we want to ensure each puppy is getting the best possible experience. *
By clicking "I agree" you release Mindful Mutts and all affiliated with these companies from any and all liability including but not limited to: illnesses or injuries inflicted by dogs/owners to other dogs/owners. You also agree that any damage to property, dogs, or humans by result of your own dog (or yourself) will result in immediate removal of the class (no refunds or credits) and that you will be responsible for costs associated with medical bills or fixing property damage. You release Mindful Mutts of any harm or liability in the event of illness or injury regardless of whether a person or pet has been afflicted. *
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