COVID UPDATE: Market will run Dec. 5th through Dec. 19th due to the 2 week pause

EVENT DAY/TIME: Saturdays 4pm to 8pm Dec. 5th through Dec. 19th

EVENT ADDRESS: Back of the Willamette Ale and Cider House, 1720 Willamette Falls Dr, West Linn, OR 97068

CONTACT INFORMATION: (503) 607-8033 or

VENDOR FEE: $130 for all 3 weeks. You must pay in full for 3 weeks in advance, but you can share/split weeks with another vendor (see below for space sharing guidance).

PROMOTION: While your Vendor Fee includes promoting the Winter Market, we do ask, and encourage, each Vendor to share our Facebook Event (Historic Willamette) for the market and invite your friends and customers. Our Facebook Event will list you (if you have a linkable Facebook Page) as a Co-Host. You will need to accept the Co-Host Invitation.

RAFFLE: The Winter Market is hosting a raffle. Participation in the raffle is encouraged, but not required. Items for the raffle will be featured at the information booth and pictures promoted on social media posts. Please provide a business card or something we can use to display where the item is donated from.

SPACE SHARING: Space or week sharing is allowed between multiple vendors. Space must be paid in full by at least one vendor to be reserved. You can split the space itself, or split which week each vendor attends. However, you must arrange this on your own. The Winter Market is not responsible for finding vendors to split, or managing the funds and rules for splitting the space between multiple vendors. All Vendors planning on attending must have their items juried upon completion of application.

VENDOR SPACE: The Winter Market reserves the right to assign Vendor spaces in any manner they wish. Any special requests will try to be accommodated based on a first come, first served basis.

Market will be held outdoors. Heaters will be provided throughout the Market area, however not at each vendor booth. Individual heaters in booths must follow guidelines set forth by TVF&R (information provided on our website

Vendor Space is approximately 10'x10', but may vary in exact sizes. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables, displays, linens, etc. for their Vendor Space. Items like signs will not be allowed outside the Vendor assigned space (ie – along street, in the aisle, etc.)

No music is allowed in Vendor Spaces.

Food cart vendors will be allowed outside the fenced area. Food must be consumed outside of Market.

Alcohol, wine and food tastings will be allowed inside the fenced area with proper OLCC licensing. Samples must be consumed at the booth. Customers cannot walk around the market with samples, vendors will be responsible for communicating this to customers. Market will provide signage alerting customers about this as well.

CASH/ATM: There is no ATM on-site and vendors will need to provide their own payment processing system or change available. There are ATM's located within a 1-2 block area if needed.

ELECTRICITY: Electricity will be very limited or not available at all. Please indicate in the Vendor Application if you require an outlet, we will try to accommodate if possible.

BATHROOMS: Bathroom facilities will be available inside the Willamette Ale & Cider House that can be used. There will also be outside handwashing facilities.

SET-UP: Vendors can set up between 1pm and 3pm on market day. Booths must be set up by 4pm. If your booth is not set up by 4pm, you will not be allowed in the market. Vendors can drive into the market area to unload only until 3pm. Once booths are erected, you are no longer allowed to drive into the market. Vendors are asked to park in the Les Schwab parking lot or farther down 8th Avenue in order to keep closer spaces available for customers.

TEAR DOWN: Tear down must not start before 8pm. You must be completely cleared out by 9:30pm. Booth items like tables and chairs may be left and stored from week to week but the Winter Market nor the property owner will be responsible for any left items. A waiver will need to be signed before items are left on property.

ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY PACKING UP. It adversely affects other Vendors and last minute shoppers. Early packing up may disqualify you from future weeks, and from future markets.

Vendors agree to leave the Location as clean as, if not cleaner, then when they arrived. This includes leaving the location free from all debris, broom sweeping their assigned Vendor Space, etc. Trash cans will be available.

Vendors will be liable for any damage that may occur to the Location.

CANCELLATION: The Winter Market reserves the right to cancel the Winter Market with refunding of fees or pro-rated fees to Vendors with sufficient notice given in such a circumstance.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Due to COVID, everyone in the vendor's booth must wear a mask or face covering and wear it properly. If anyone is not properly masked, which includes the mask fitting over the nose, you will be asked to leave and cannot return. Booth fees will not be refundable in this circumstance. All customers entering the market over the age of 5 will also be required to wear a mask or proper face covering, these will be available at the Information Desk for those that don't have them. Masks can be removed for tastings, but you must remind customers to immediately put their mask back on before moving on. Customers should not be congregating around a booth and should be reminded to maintain social distancing. Only one family/group at a time may be at a booth. One person in each booth will be responsible for being identified as the Social Distancing Officer for that booth, they will need to be aware of guidelines, speaking to customers about rules if need be and making sure those staffing that booth have PPE available to them to use and that hands are being sanitized between each transaction. There will also be a Social Distancing Officer for the Market at all times if you are in need of assistance.

Customers eating food must do so either in the Ale House or across the street, outside of the Market boundaries. There shall be no eating inside the market area other than for tastings. Full COVID rules will be distributed to vendors before the first market, and vendor must abide by all the rules at that time. Since COVID measures change daily, these rules may change at any time. Vendors are required to abide by whatever the current laws are at the time of each market.


All vendors must sign a "Hold Harmless" agreement. This will be sent to vendors after approval and must be returned digitally or by mail or in person prior to the date of the first Market, for an application to be deemed complete and approved.

Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming Location and Historic Willamette Main Street and as additional insured for all alcohol, food/beverage, consumable products, or products that are used on the skin (lotions, creams, bath soaps, etc.). Craft vendors may supplement a "Hold Harmless" release if lieu of COI. Market Management will be able to tell you if a COI is required or not. If COI is required, it must be given to a member of Market Management at least 48 hours before the first market. If management doesn't have the COI, management reserves the right to give the vendor space to another vendor.

All Food vendors must have a clean kitchen license from Clackamas County.

All Alcohol vendors must have proper OLCC permits.

For questions or concerns, contact us at or a message left at 503-607-8033.
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