MHCLC Chinese School Registration (Spring Semester 2019)
Please fill out one form per student.

Event Timing: 15 sessions (January 20, 2019-June 2, 2019) Sundays 1:30-4:30pm
Please refer to detailed calendar on our website.
Event Address: Educational Building, Fishkill Church of the Nazarene, 953 Main Street, Fishkill, NY 12524
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The Mid-Hudson Chinese Language Center (MHCLC) is a non-profit organization providing equal opportunity education in Chinese language and culture.
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Please only check one per student. Culture classes are included with language classes for age 6+.
Tuition to be paid by cash or check on first day of school. Please see Registrar on first day of school to pay. (10% discount available for siblings and parents) *
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WORK ESCROW: Parents of Language Class students need to be active in the school (eg., volunteer to work at the snack bar). Registrar will have specific requirements and sign up sheet on first day of school. A $50 check post-dated to 06/02/2019 (1 per family) must be provided with tuition, to be held against this commitment and returned upon completion of requirements. The following groups do not participate in work escrow: playgroup, adult students, parents of language class students who are MHCLC teachers, and MHCLC board members. *
MHCLC may publish photos including students to promote the school. *
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