Jobs Board/ Private Requests
the Steel Yard Jobs Board accepts three types of requests: Private Requests, Employment Opportunities as well as Educational/ Training opportunities. These are opportunities OUTSIDE of the Steel Yard. Jobs Board posts are made by individuals and businesses outside of the organizations and are NOT Steel Yard opportunities.

All information included in this form, are shared to an open mailing list of artists & fabricators. The Steel Yard circulates the Jobs Board/Private Requests list weekly to a subscription based e-mail group.

For Private Requests: Private Requests are independent contracts and NOT Steel Yard projects. The Steel Yard cannot promise your job will be picked up or guarantee work done by individuals who respond to the request. The information shared will only be used by the Steel Yard to connect you with local artists & fabricators and will not be used for any other purpose. Consultations, deadlines, payments and all other project details are to be negotiated between YOU and the Artist. PRIVATE REQUESTS are typically defined as those which are NOT for a nonprofit or educational program, or do not benefit the general public. For example: a commissioned work or repair to your home or business.

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