Delta Omega Chi: Spring 2021 Executive Board Internship Program!
The Delta Omega Chi Spring 2021 Internship Program is a full semester program allowing undergraduate students to intern under the Executive Officers of Delta Omega Chi. This semester, the E-Board will be choosing a maximum of two interns per branch. Each applicant can only submit one application.

Please note that executive board internship applications are due on February 14, 2021 by 11:59 PM.

The intern will receive mentorship from the officers of one of four branches, a series of projects/events to create and develop under the guidance of the branch, and leadership experience that they can not only grow from but also write on their resume and/or CV for application to their respective graduate programs.

Furthermore, Spring 2021 interns will also have the opportunity to gain experience in non-profit work by working closely with the E-Board to plan the DOC Annual Benefit Gala (proceeds from this event go directly to charity).

Supplementary materials include: a picture of yourself, your resume/CV, and your Spring 2021 academic schedule.
Note: For those applying for the Membership Branch, it is highly recommended you submit three sample fliers in addition to the supplementary materials.

Please send all supplementary materials to
The email subject should be formatted: "Supplementary materials: name & branch in which you are applying for"
(ex. Supplementary Materials: John Doe, External Branch)
Name *
Last, First
People Soft # *
E-Mail *
Phone Number *
Major/Minor *
Classification (by year, NOT by credits) *
If you selected Junior or Senior for the previous question, please specify how many semesters you have remaining at UH (not including this current semester). If this question does not apply to you please put "N/A". * *
Aspiring Profession *
i.e., Nurse (Pediatric, Anesthesia, etc.), Doctor (Cardiologist, OB/GYN, etc.), Physical Therapist, Marketer, Financial Assistant/Manager, Accountant, etc.
If your intended health profession does not require you to obtain a bachelors degree first (i.e., pharmacy, nursing, etc), please specify how long you intend to stay at UH. If this question does not apply to you please put "N/A". *
What is your cumulative UH GPA? (put N/A if you are a freshman) *
What was your high school GPA? Please specify the scale that it was out of as well (ie: 4.8/6.0). (please put N/A if you are no longer a freshman) *
In which branch would you like to intern in? *
What can you contribute to DOC as an intern? *
How do you think interning for Delta Omega Chi will benefit you? *
Are you a team player or would you rather work alone? *
Please explain with an example.
Do you have any past leadership experiences? *
How do you define "success" in a student-run organization? *
Ex) Do you believe that success is in the number of members? You would say: "I define an organization's success as having a large number of members because..."
Specify one component of Delta Omega Chi you feel needs improvement, and explain how this improvement can be made. *
Specify one component of Delta Omega Chi you feel is strong, and explain why you believe this component is effective. *
Please list 2-3 project/event ideas that you would like to create/implement as an intern for the specific branch you are applying for. *
ex) Internal: A Halloween social where we decorate pumpkins. The pumpkins will be donated to Ronald McDonald House during the holiday season. In addition to the on-campus social, there will be a follow-up volunteer event where we can visit RMH facilities & visit patients/volunteer for story-time for the kids. **NOTE**: Be EXTREMELY thorough in the explanation of your ideas. The more thorough you are, the more likely it will strengthen your application.
I understand my application will only be considered complete upon receiving ALL supplementary materials (check description above), and failure to do so will result in automatic disqualification. *
I understand that I must be a paid member of DOC by the application deadline (02/14/21) at midnight, and failure to do so will result in automatic disqualification. *
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