Tidsplan för avhandlingsproduktion
Time plan for thesis production

Request a time plan by using this form.

Note: The time plan is calculated on the basis that you deliver your material in the final state, and that you have written and formatted your comprehensive summary or monograph using our thesis template or another template that is approved for the series you want to publish in.

Bank holidays with bridge days are not included in the time plan.
See Annual working time and bridge days 2019:

Fully booked at Thesis Production!
This applies to public defence dates during 14 May–14 June 2019.
This applies to public defence dates during 13 September–26 September 2019.

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Fully booked at Thesis Production
This applies to public defence dates during 14 May–14 June 2019
This applies to public defence dates during 13 September–26 September 2019.
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Monografier är avhandlingar skrivna som enhetligt sammanhängande verk. Samman­läggnings­avhandlingar består av ett antal artiklar samt en sammanfattning. Monographs are theses written as single coherent work. Comprehensive Summaries comprises a number of articles.
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Do you use Word or XeLaTeX?
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Adjustment to template, 850:-/hour
If you do not have the time to format your text in the thesis template, we can do it for you. You have to contact us in advance to allow us to schedule time and adapt your time plan accordingly.

Editing images and tables, 120:-/pcs
If you want help editing images or formatting your tables, we can assist you. Please contact us in advance of your submission so that we can allocate time and adjust your schedule.


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Comments regarding your time plan (see webpage) http://ub.uu.se/publicera/avhandling/#anchor-707814
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