JAAF Scholars-Alumni Survey
Thank you for being a part of the JAAF Scholarship Program.  We are proud of you and what you have become.  
JAAF is starting to call on JAAF Scholar-Alumni this year.  We would like to solicit your thoughts on some matters that concern you.  Please take time to answer this short questionnaire.  Mabuhay!
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Would you like to be an active member of the JAAF Scholars-Alumni community? *
How relevant is having a JAAF Scholars-Alumni Community to you? Please elaborate on your answer. *
In what way can you help the JAAF Scholars-Alumni Community? *
How else can you be a part of the JAAF Scholars-Alumni Community?
Would you like for the JAAF Scholars-Alumni Community to be organized and have officers?
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If JAAF calls for a meeting of JAAF Scholars-Alumni, when is your availability? *
Would you be interested for JAAF Scholars-Alumni to work collectively on a give-back project, for example, sponsoring future JAAF Scholars? *
What are your expectations with the JAAF Scholars-Alumni community? *
How else, do you think, will JAAF Scholars-Alumni be relevant to JAAF, the current Scholars, and Araneta Group? Please let us know your thoughts. *
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