Radha Krishna Temple Inspirations Signup
Radha Krishna Temple (RKT) Inspirations is a broadcast channel that sends out periodic messages to your WhatsApp account to keep you inspired and informed of the events in the temple.
In order to sign up for the service, please complete the below two steps first.
1. Install WhatAapp application on a smartphone and complete the account setup in WhatsApp (if you haven't).
2. Save the RKT Inspirations incoming phone number (469) 952-9532 to your smartphone’s contacts. If your number is not from the United States, then save 1 (469) 952-9532 to your smartphone's contacts.
Please confirm that your WhatsApp account is active and that you have added RKT Inspirations incoming phone number to your smartphone's contacts as mentioned above. *
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If your response is YES above, then please proceed and fill out the contact information below to provide your consent to receive WhatsApp messages and email newsletters (if chosen).
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