Vision for Ohio Fellowship - 2019 Application

We are excited be launching the Vision for Ohio Fellowship (VOF) in 2019! VOF will be an 18 month long leadership development program for emerging leaders of Ohio, with a focus on developing emerging leaders of color. We are launching this paid program in order to build a stronger, more committed, connected, and strategically clear progressive movement in Ohio. The program will comprise 6 months of in depth leadership training and political education, followed by 12 months of coaching support to enable each fellow to implement their leadership vision in 2020 and beyond.

What will VOF fellows learn and do?
VOF will connect with a powerful cohort of 15 -20 emerging leaders to:
Develop a clear understanding of how to form complex collaborations across sectors.
Understand basic strategy and tactics, and the relationship between different strategic approaches.
Understand the theory and skill of community organizing, movement building, and inside/outside strategy.
Build and grow thriving leadership and interpersonal cultures within their organizations and movement spaces.
How to grow and manage teams.
Analyze how to combat systemic oppression through their work.
Discuss the importance of the longview, and build strategies for achieving and maintaining lifelong sustainability as leaders.

Timeline & Commitments
The VOF will meet in Yellow Spring, Ohio for four weekend retreats from June through October 2019 with one reconvening of every fellow in April 2020. After the final retreat, each fellow will receive 12 months of coaching support provided by expert trainers and organizers to support them to integrate their skills and lessons into their leadership vision for 2020.

Fellows will be required to complete a set of readings in between retreats.

Each weekend retreat will start with dinner on Friday nights and end Sunday afternoons.

Each fellow will receive a stipend of $2000.00 to ensure that this program is accessible to every emerging leader in the state.

Retreat dates are as follows:
Retreat 1 June 28th - 30th: Building the Container
In the first retreat, we will build the relational and analytical container for the entirety of the program. Fellows will build deep relationships with each other in order to create a supportive and generative learning environment. We will cover social movement ecology, relational culture, power and oppression, and fellows will leave with a basic understanding of strategy and tactics.

Retreat 2 July 26th - 28th: Structure + Leadership
In the second retreat fellows will learn the theory and skills needed to achieve craft with structure based organizing, and develop transformative leadership skills.

August 23rd - 25th: Momentum + The Progressive Realignment
Our third retreat will cover the theory of Momentum and the skill set needed to build mass popular movement. We will also cover the theory of hegemonic realignment, and discuss how to build a progressive hegemonic coalition.

September 20th - 22nd: Inside/Outside Game and the Longview
In our final retreat of the program we will discuss how to operationalize a strong inside/outside strategy. We will also discuss the importance of the longview, and maintaining health through a lifelong commitment to leadership.

October 26th Commencement ceremony (held in Columbus, Ohio)
Fellows will come to Columbus to discuss how to integrate their lessons into the visions and plans they pursue in 2020 and beyond. Each fellow will present their 2020 vision, and will receive feedback and support from the rest of the cohort.

April 2020 TBA

Who should apply?
Black people and People of Color who identify in the LGBTQ+
Black people and People of Color committed to social justice and progressive change for years to come - as a professional pursuit or in a significant, ongoing community-based or volunteer capacity.
People outside of Columbus - we want to invest in cities and towns that need more organizers
People of color with commitment to building the progressive movement in Ohio.
People who have 1-2 years of professional organizing and/or volunteer experience.

**People of color, and/or LGBT/queer, and/or woman/female/femme-identifying, and/or people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Questions? Concerns? Do not hesitate! Please contact Alwiyah Shariff, Fellowship & Training Manager, at or 614.342.0734

Seriously, if you're not sure about anything, reach out!

VOF is a program of Ohio Voice (, whose mission is to support and grow the ecosystem of non-profit, non-partisan organizations doing year-round civic engagement with underrepresented communities in order to improve people's lives.

Feel free to look through the full application. Deadline is MAY 1st 2019
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