iTeach Final Evaluation
Thank you for attending iTeach; it was a pleasure to have all of you here. We hope you enjoyed your time and learning experience as much as we did. Regardless, now is your chance to let us know how you felt about the seminar. Please fill out this assessment as thoroughly as you can so we can assess your experience in order to improve future iTeach events.

This assessment is completely anonymous and we appreciate your candor, comments, and constructive criticism!
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Overall did you enjoy this experience? *
How do you feel iTeach could be improved? *
Was there anything you expected that wasn’t covered (or covered insufficiently)? *
What was the least useful session and why? *
Did any of the sessions change your mind about how you teach? Is that a good thing? *
How would you tell future iTeach participants to prepare for the this seminar? *
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