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There will be no charge for student groups using USD 333 facilities for practices, however rental fees will be required in the instance that the renter is hosting competition events, charging for services or requires custodial services for additional set-up or clean up. Custodial Fee: $12/hr with 4 hr, minimum.
(City of Concordia events are exempt from fees) View specific regulations here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_dMKh10JjJ_eHdWVEJMVUU2UnNWd18yb0VoWWZnZjZjbS0w/view?usp=sharing
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It is understood that as a representative of our organization, I will be responsible for cleaning the area used, checking the lights, heat, restrooms, windows, and securing the building. It is further understood that should there be damage to the facilities, I will assume the responsibility of seeing that the school district is reimbursed. I also understand that USD 333 will not be held accountable in any way in the event of bodily injury for the responsibility of legal or financial costs. Those who rent the facility along with invited guests are the responsibility of the person who signs below.
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