we're going to put together some merch for our store
below are some design options and questions to help us put together an order for production. please answer them and feel free to use the suggestion box at the bottom
"My Own Private 9/11"
"Mission Accomplished"
"Tap My Head & Mike My Brain | Stick That Needle In My Vein" (rough draft i threw together for the survey, dw this'll be cleaned up)
some kind of reissue of the "No! World War III!" type shirt
which of these designs are you interested in *
what kind of merch are you interested in getting these designs on (not putting crop etc bc u can just cut a t shirt for that)
t shirt
long sleeve t shirt
thick sweatshirt
tank top
sleeveless turtleneck (you fag)
ball cap
"My Own Private Nine Eleven"
"Tap My Head & Mike My Brain | Stick That Needle In My Vein"
Remake of "No World War III" t shirt
how much would you be willing to pay for this stuff so i know if its feasible *
what size(s) are you interested in *
any other comments
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