PREINT AUDIO - Dressing for school
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Take the blame - When people take the blame, they are seen as the reason something bad happened.

Flexibility - Flexibility is the ability to choose a preference, or change things as you like them

Customize - When you customize something, you change it to your preference.

Push the limit - When you push the limit, you do things that are almost inappropriate.

Inappropriate - When something is inappropriate, it is acceptable for the situation.

Behavior - A person's behavior is how they act. For example, there is good behavior, bad behavior and rude behavior

Offensive - Causing someone to be upset, annoyed

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1) She wants students to wear _____ *
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2) He says students do not want to _____ . *
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3) He says there should be _____ . *
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4) He says his students _____ . *
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5) The jacket had _____ . *
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