Blossom Accelerator, GAN Accredited, March 17th - April 13th, 2019
Please fill out this application for your startup to be considered for the Blossom intensive 4 week accelerator program from March 17th - April 13th, 2019.

Kindly be as detailed as possible. If your startup looks like a good fit, we'll contact you to set up an interview. We're excited to learn more about your startup!

We ask that you be as honest and as ethical as possible especially with your revenue and customers so we are able
to support your startup throughout the program and beyond.

If a question is not applicable to you, please write N/A.

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Which city do you live in? *
Full name of person filling out this form & your phone number? *
Who are the team members/founders (Full Name & Title, Nationality, Email & Phone Number?) of every co-founder or owner in the startup. *
What is the equity percentage of each founder? If undetermined, please write "undetermined" *
What is the background of each founder including education? *
How do the co-founders know each other & have you worked together on other projects? *
What is the name of your startup/company? *
Are you registered as an entity or company in KSA? *
Please provide the website of your business. If you do not have one, please write "N/A" *
Kindly provide the links to your startup's social media pages: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin. *
Please provide a short description of your startup? *
How long ago did you start your startup? *
Why did you start this startup? What excites you about it? *
How is your startup solving a problem? *
Who are your competitors and how are you different? *
Has your startup launched yet? If not, when do you plan to launch? *
How many active users/customers does your startup currently have? If no customers, please write "none" *
How much money have you made since launched? If no revenue yet, please write N/A. *
What progress have you made in the last 3-6 months? *
What is your monthly growth rate? If any. *
What is the hardest thing you are facing right now? *
What are your expectations of the program? *
Have you done a business plan for your startup? *
Have you done market research for your startup? *
Will you be available to participate in our 1-month intensive program from March 17th - April 13th, 2019? *
Why do you want to attend this program? *
If accepted, will you work full-time on this startup with no other external obligations? *
How did you hear about blossom? *
Are you willing to be featured on media and appear on camera throughout the program? *
If you would like to share anything else with us please do so here! (:
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