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The Centre Wakefield La Pêche (CWLP) wants to hear from you! We have been operating now for 10 years with a mission to provide diverse cultural and recreational programs and events for the La Pêche community. There's been a bit of disruption the last couple of years due to the pandemic, but the future is looking bright! A new General Manager is in place (Carolyn Nolan), an awesome Community Coordinator has been hired (Laura Birks), and the Board is as committed as ever. The CWLP team is gearing up and ready to be the Centre all folks can be proud of, make use of, and are eager to support... 

This starts with you and understanding your needs and wishes. The community here has changed and grown over the last decade, and we're hoping to create a more inclusive and inspiring place that is both sustainable and community-enriching.

The CWLP team has a number of community engagement activities planned over the next weeks and months. This survey is just one of those ways to ensure your voice is heard. And an in person event will follow. Watch for more details by following our facebook page and keeping your eyes peeled for info in the Low Down.

All survey entries can be anonymous, if you so choose. But if you wish to be included in a draw to win a $100 gift card to the Wakefield General Store, you can include your email at the end. It will only be used to contact you. 

The survey shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes to complete. It will be live up until Nov. 12th. The winner of the draw will be announced and contacted shortly after. Amendment: we've kept the survey open for a bit longer. Winner will notified by end of the month.

Many thanks for your time and inputs!

With gratitude,

CWLP Staff and Board

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If you are uncomfortable answering any of these background questions and would prefer not to answer, simply skip the question.
1. Where do you live?
2. How long have you lived in the region?
3. What is your age range?
4. What is your gender identity?
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5. Do you identify as a member of a visible minority?
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6. What is your first language?
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7. Are you a member of the CWLP cooperative?
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We are eager to hear about your individual experiences, recently or over the last number of years.
8. How often have you frequented the CWLP in the last year? (understanding that the pandemic may have limited your visits)
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9. If you do frequent the CWLP, why are you coming? (check all that apply)
10. If you aren't frequenting the CWLP, why aren't you coming?
11. What are three words you would use to describe the CWLP in your experience?
12. What value or benefits has the CWLP brought to your life, business, and/or association? 
13. If you have a positive memory or experience of the CWLP you would like to share, please do! It can be at any point during its history. 
14. How much do you agree with this statement: 'CWLP is making a positive impact on my life in this community.'
Not at all
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As we plan for the next number of years, we want to hear your valuable inputs...
15. What added benefits or value could the Centre provide that it isn't currently fulfilling in your view?
16. What types of programs and services are you MOST wishing to see from the CWLP? (check your TOP 2 and add any not represented under Other)
17. The Centre has an opportunity to expand its range of cultural and arts programming and usage of Gwen Shea Hall (the large theatre room). What kinds of arts and culture programs would be of interest to you? (check all that apply)
18. Are there any building upgrades or equipment missing from the Centre that you feel would make the experience of visiting more safe/healthy/comfortable/attractive for you?
19. What would be your biggest wish for the CWLP in serving the community? 
20. The CWLP is owned by a not-for-profit cooperative. Knowing that, would you be willing to support the CWLP through an annual membership fee of $25?
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21. Are there creative programs and/or services you've seen from other community centres or co-ops, nonprofits, or organizations that may spark new ideas for CWLP? 
22. Do you have some skills and extra time that could be used at the Centre? If so, please let us know if you'd be interested in volunteering and in what capacity? 
23. Anything left unsaid or that wasn't captured on the survey that you would like to share as it relates to the future of CWLP?
24. As an appreciation and incentive for filling out this survey, you can include your name and email address if you wish to be included in a draw to win a $100 dollar gift card to the Wakefield General Store. 
Sincere thanks for your time and feedback. We really appreciate it!
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