Shelley SD #60 Parent/Guardian Input Form for Teacher Evaluation
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In accordance with Sections 33-514(4)and 33-515(2), Idaho Code, Parent/Guardian input shall be considered as a factor in Teacher Evaluation. The Shelley School District asks that you complete the following survey in an effort to meet the above requirement. It should be noted however, parent/guardian input will NOT be considered if the survey is submitted anonymously. Input will only be considered valid accompanied with parent or guardian's name.
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I believe my child's classroom is a safe learning environment.
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I can reach my child's teacher to communicate about student progress.
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I believe my child's teacher is knowledgeable of the curriculum/subject area and how to teach it at the appropriate level.
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I believe my child's teacher appropriately monitors and assesses my child's learning.
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I believe my child's teacher sets and maintains student expectations for learning and behavior.
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