SOAS Careers Service Survey 2019
We are continually evaluating and developing the services we provide and we need your answers and comments to help us do this.

We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to answer the following questions.

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e.g.: Economics, History, Centre for Gender Studies, Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy
What is the name of your course? *
eg: Swahili and Development Studies, Chinese and Economics, African Studies and Politics
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Have you ever visited the Careers Service at SOAS, SL62 - Paul Webley Wing?
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Who did you receive advice/information from?
You may tick more than one
Which of the following services did you access?
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If you have not visited the Careers Service, can you tell us why not?
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Which day of the week would you prefer to come to a Careers Service event or appointment
Please tell us at what time of day would you prefer to come to a Careers Service event or appointment?
How do you prefer to receive information or learn about careers events and services?
Please ensure you select an option for each category
Text message
Academic staff/tutors
Student rep
Notice boards
MySOAS Student
Word of mouth
In the Careers Service
Students Union
Please rate the following
Please ensure you select a rating for each category
Don't Know
Our location
Our signage
Our marketing material
Our communication methods
Our notice boards
How can we make students more aware of our services and events?
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Have you ever attended a Careers Service event?
This includes any event or workshop where a member of the Careers Service was involved.
Which employers would you like to see on campus?
Please feel free to include as many as you like.
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What sort of events would you like to attend?
Please feel free to include as many as you like.
Are there any events we don't currently run that you would like added to our Events Programme?
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Are there any services we don't currently offer that would be useful to you?
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Have you ever used to Information & Resources in SL62, Paul Webley Wing?
If yes, what type of information or resources have you used?
Have you used any of the following online resources via MySOAS or the Careers Service website (
Please tick all that apply
If you have used the Careers section on MySOAS Student, please could you rate how easy it was to find what you were looking for?
Difficult. I was unable to find what I was looking for.
Great. I found exactly what I was looking for.
If you have visited the Careers Service, SL62, Paul Webley Wing recently, can you please tell us how satisfied you were with our space?
Dreadful. I just wanted to leave!
Exemplary. I felt so inspired!
What did you like about the space?
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What did you not like about the space?
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What could the Careers Service do to make our venue/location more welcoming to students?
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Would you recommend the Careers Service to a friend? *
Why/ why not?
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Did you complete Careers Registration at the start of the year?
This was was part of general student registration to find out more about your career thinking.
If yes, how has it helped you to define your career thinking?
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If no, why was this?
Your answer
What employment sectors would you be interested in knowing more about?
You may tick more than one
There has been a proposal to change the name of the Careers Service. Do you agree with this proposal, and if so, what should the service be renamed to?
Thank you for completing the survey!
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