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Hooray! You want to chat more about coaching. Look at you making EPIC decisions already 🤩

Fill out this form so I can find out more about the wonderfulness that is you. A copy of your answers will be sent to the email address you give, so you don't have to remember what you wrote. Even just the act of filling this form out can show you something about yourself that you may not have noticed before - enjoy! 😻

p.s. If you hate filling out forms, I invite you to put some of your favourite music on, set a timer for ten minutes and just fill out what you can! We are way more likely to Do Hard Things when we are having fun and setting a timer tells your brain that it's safe to just do this activity for a little while 💜

When the timer ends, check in with how you are feeling and if you wanna continue - great! If you are done for the day, save your answers and then complete the rest another day. YOU GOT THIS! 💪
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