Early Birdy Tourney Application Form

This form indicates your league's interest in participating in Ottawa Valley Roller Derby's first ever Early Birdy Tourney happening on the weekend of March 20-22, 2020, in Prescott, Ontario, Canada.

We are encouraging any league with a WFTDA charter team ranked between 35-75 to apply for the competitive round-robin. WFTDA charter teams ranked 76+ and B-level teams are encouraged to apply for the B bracket. We are also accepting applications for Junior teams. Leagues that can send both a WFTDA charter team and a B-level team will be prioritized and rankings will be considered in order to make reasonably competitive match ups for all participating teams.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament please feel free to reply to contact earlybirdytournament@ottawavalleyrollerderby.com. We look forward to your application and hope to see you in March at the first ever Early Birdy Tourney!

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