Iron Maidens Volunteer Form 2017
February 18, 2017; 9am-7pm
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Description of Positions
We will need volunteers to work during either the AM or PM session in one of the following roles:

1) Check-in: Welcome athletes, weigh-in and record; work with scorers to input weight and any changes to opening attempts; organize prizes.

2) Scoring: Take and enter athlete attempts on scoring spreadsheet.

3) Plate Loaders: Under the direction of the Head Judge, change weights on the bar for each lifter's attempt. Must be quick to load/unload.

4) Spotters: Spot lifters on back squat and bench press. Must be an intermediate lifter with experience spotting either in class, competition or general training. Must also be available to meet once or twice in advance of the meet to review spotting technique.

5) Warm-up Area Monitor: Keep lifters informed of the meet progress so they can time warm-ups appropriately and are aware of the flights they are lifting in, help with any general questions, make sure lifters are sharing equipment. It would be helpful to have attended or participated in either a powerlifting or olympic lifting meet.

6) Floater: General event assistance such as helping vendors to set-up; keeping lifters informed of timing; helping with music; running errands; etc. Help with breakdown if working PM shift.

7) Set-up: Friday, February 17, 7:30-9pm - help prepare the gyms. Breakdown: Saturday, February 18 6:30pm-8pm - help breakdown and restore gyms.

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