Shelectricity Youth Leadership Council New Member Application
Shelectricity is a girls' empowerment ecosystem designed with Black, Brown, Indigenous, AAPI & Latinx girls at the center. We bring together technology, culture, and community to create safe and nurturing online and in-person environments for girls to learn, grow, innovate, and lead. Through interactive tools and experiences, Shelectricity’s girls engage in Creativity, Personal Development, STEAM-based learning, Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, and Network Building. Our unique, integrated online/offline service model combines the broad reach and youth orientation of a social media app with the intimacy and safety of adult-curated, place-based programs.

Shelectricity is currently looking for girls ages 14-21 to join the Youth Leadership Council (YLC). As a member of the council these girls will learn about storytelling, civic engagement, feminism, and so much more. They will also gain access to an online community of young leaders, a virtual platform designed to showcase their voices, and a monthly monetary incentive of $70.

Please fill out this application if you are interested in participating in the Shelectricity Youth Leadership Council in Fall 2021- Spring 2022. ***Applicants must be female identified ages 14-21 years old***
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