Department of History Statement on Anti-Mexican Vandalism at UC San Diego
As diversity officers for the Department of History, we take this opportunity to express our grave concern about the anti-Mexican, anti-Latinx, and xenophobic vandalism that took place last week at UCSD and that has also occurred at other campuses, including UC Irvine, Berkeley, and Riverside. On Friday, April 8, UCSD’s Raza Resource Centro (RRC) and other sites across our campus were vandalized with slogans that included “build the wall,” “deport them all,” “fuck Mexicans,” “Mexico will pay,” and “make America great again” (see photos below, all phrases have been verified by university employees and students). Not only did these racist attacks specifically target an organization designed to provide resources for the Latin American campus community, but they were also strategically timed to coincide with Triton Day as well as the RRC’s overnight program, when admitted Latinx students and their families visited the campus and were deciding whether or not to attend UCSD.

This particular attack comes after many years of anti-Black, anti-Latinx, and xenophobic discrimination on our campus. The establishment of the RRC came as a direct response from students after the racist “Compton Cookout” incident of 2010. Just in the past year, African American students were harassed as they demonstrated against persistent brutality toward Black communities across the country. Last week’s attack thus represents continuing hostility toward communities of color at UCSD. In a highly politicized election year, such hostility has, once again, escalated fears of safety and well-being not only for Mexican and Latinx students, but also among other racial/ethnic, religious, and gender/sexual communities.

The undersigned members of the History department as well as the larger community on and off campus support the efforts of fellow students, faculty, and staff who are demanding that the university administration respond to these threatening acts with swift action and strong resolve. We support their efforts to create and maintain a non-discriminatory campus climate by reaffirming a zero tolerance policy toward harassment, particularly directed at under-represented communities. We view these efforts at improving campus climate as directly correlated to the recruitment and retention of people of color and other under-represented communities.

In this connection, we call on the Chancellor to make good on his recent (April 8) reaffirmations of UCSD’s “commitment to creating and maintaining a harassment-free environment that promotes and encourages equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and accessibility to individuals with disabilities” as well as policies to prevent and address sexual violence and sexual harassment ( Together, we also support the Principles of Community ( which, while “affirm(ing) the right to freedom of expression,” also includes a clear rejection of “acts of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and political beliefs” as well as a commitment to “confront and appropriately respond to such acts.”

Finally, we call on the university administration to institute new measures that will not only reaffirm and strengthen our commitment (zero tolerance) to these principles of non-harassment and non-discrimination, but will ensure that they are adequately followed and, when applicable, hold violators responsible for actions that damage our campus climate and, by extension, efforts to recruit and retain under-represented students, staff, and faculty. In this spirit, we request that the mental health and well-being of Latinx and Black students, faculty, and staff be prioritized in the wake of persistent racist hostilities on our campus. With this message, we reaffirm our own department’s commitments in these areas, knowing well that what we do “locally” contributes to our collective university and the larger communities outside UCSD.

Department of History:
1. Department of History:
2. Kevan Antonio Aguilar, PhD Student, History (Graduate Diversity Officer, UAW 2865 Head Steward, Raza Graduate Student Association)
3. Todd A. Henry, Faculty, History (Director, Transnational Korean Studies & Affiliate, Critical Gender Students, Faculty Diversity Officer)
4. Pamela Radcliff, Faculty, History (Chair of the Department of History)
5. Matthew Vitz, Faculty, History
6. Luis Sanchez-Lopez, PhD Candidate, History
7. Sarah Schneewind, Faculty, History
8. Amie Campos, PhD Student, History (UAW 2865 Head Steward & Student Worker Collective)
9. Jennifer Huerta, PhD Student, History (TA Muir College Writing Program)
10. Troy Araiza Kokinis, PhD Student, History
11. Jorge N. Leal, PhD Student, History
12. Jorge Ramirez, PhD Student, History
13. James Deavenport, PhD Candidate, History
14. Simeon Man, Faculty, History
15. Matthew Hall, PhD Student, History
16. Edwin Lopez-Rivera, PhD Student, History
17. Nancy Kwak, Faculty, History
18. James Stout, PhD Alumni, History
19. James H. Shrader, PhD Candidate, History
20. Nur Duru, PhD Student, History
21. Jesus Perez, PhD Alumni & Professor, History
22. Elizabeth Sine, Lecturer, History
23. Rebecca Jo Plant, Faculty, History
24. Ulices Pina, PhD Candidate, History
25. Kate Flach, Phd Candidate, History
26. Alana Bock, Undergraduate, History (Feminist Book Club, Girl Up at UCSD)
27. Thomas Chan, PhD Student, History
28. Patrícia Martins Marcos, PhD Student, History and Science Studies, History
29. Robert Edelman, Faculty, History
30. Melanie Viloria, Undergraduate Student, History and Ethnic Studies
31. Evelyn May Ngo, Undergraduate, History
32. Benjamin Smuin, PhD Candidate, History
33. Alexis Meza, PhD Student, History
34. Mychal Odom, PhD Candidate, History (UAW 2865 Head Steward)
35. Josh Newton, PhD Student, History
36. Robert S. Westman, Faculty, History
37. Frank Biess, Faculty, History
38. Eric Johnson, Undergraduate, History (Veteran)
39. Dana Velasco Murillo, Faculty, History
40. Jessica Graham, Faculty, History
41. Claire Edington, Faculty, History
42. Sally Hargate, Staff, History
43. Yang Lin, PhD Student, History
44. Abraham Jarque, Undergraduate, History/Jacobs School of Engineering
45. Joel Palhegyi, PhD Student, History
46. Matthew Wills, PhD Student, History Department
47. Leonidas Mylonakis, PhD Candidate, History
48. Reuben Silverman, PhD Student, History
49. Stephanie Fairchild, PhD Candidate, History
50. Cathy Gere, Faculty, History, Science Studies Program
51. Paul G. Pickowicz, Faculty, History
52. Mary Klann, PhD Candidate, History
53. Vincent Honrubia, Alumni, History (Sigma Chi Fraternity)
54. Amy O'Keefe, PhD Candidate, History
55. Johanna Peterson, PhD Student, History
56. Dave Henderson, PhD Student, History
57. Wendy Matsumura, Faculty, History
58. Maria Carreras, PhD Student, History
59. Miranda Martinez, Undergraduate, History (Phi Lambda Rho Sorority, Inc.)
60. Mathew White, PhD Student, U.S. History
61. Alessandra Brivio, PhD Student, History
62. Teresa Walch, PhD Candidate, History
63. Suzanne Cahill, Faculty, History
64. Jacob Poore, Other Graduate, School of Global Policy and Strategy, Alumni - History and International Studies
65. Foster Chamberlin, PhD Student, History
66. Theodora J. Dryer, PhD Student, History
67. Rosana Womack, PhD Student, History
68. Jeremy Prestholdt, Faculty, History
69. Alexandro Hiram Zatarain, Undergraduate, History
70. Rachel Gale, Undergraduate, History & Literature--Human Rights
71. Paul Tchir, PhD Candidate, History
72. Karl Gerth, Faculty, History
73. Denise Demetriou, Faculty, History
74. Young-Hyun Kim (Inti), PhD Student, History (Student-Worker Collective)
75. Eric Van Young, Faculty, History
76. Manuel Morales Fontanilla, PhD Candidate, History
77. Selena Rios, Undergraduate, History
78. Daisy Velasco, Undergraduate, Political Science and History
79. Maria Sebas, Undergraduate, History
80. Amy Zroka, PhD Alumni, History
81. Daniela Valdez, Undergraduate, History
82. Laura D. Gutiérrez, PhD Candidate, History
83. Jimmy Patiño, UCSD PhD Alumni, History, Faculty, Chicano/Latino Studies, University of Minnesota
84. Hasan Kayali, Faculty, History
85. Emma Kelley, Alumni, History (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship)
86. Ryan Hund, Undergraduate, History
87. Michael Monteón, Faculty, History
88. Adam Crayne, Alumni, International Studies - History
89. Jordan Mylet, PhD Student, History
90. Luis Alvarez, Faculty, History (Director of Graduate Studies)
91. Aramish Alvi, Undergraduate, History
92. Erin South, Undergraduate, International Studies-History, Global Health, Chinese Studies (International Health Collective)
93. Brianda Herrera, Alumni, Department of History
94. Jedrek Mularski, Alumni, History, Faculty, Saddleback College History Dept.
95. Gloria Kim, Alumni, History
96. Youngoh Jung, PhD Student, History (Asian American Solidarities)
97. Justin DeWaele, Alumni, History
98. Zachary Brittsan, Alumni, History
99. Ulrike Strasser, Faculty, History
100. Mark Hendrickson, Faculty, History
101. Jonathan Marin, MA Student, History
102. Jose Felipe Ramirez, Alumni, History
103. Robert Terrell, PhD Candidate, History
104. Maria Barbara Zepeda Cortes, PhD Alumni, Faculty, History, Lehigh University
105. Cutler Edwards, Alumni, History
106. Ricardo Kerguelen, Alumni, History
107. Susan Bernal, Staff, History
108. Anita Casavantes Bradford, PhD Alumni, UCSD, Faculty, Chicano Latino Studies and History, UC Irvine, Co-Chair, UCI Committee on Equity and Inclusion for Undocumented Students
109. Nancy Caciola, Faculty, History
110. Baris Tasyakan, PhD Candidate, History
111. Edward Falk, PhD Candidate, History
112. Megan Strom, PhD Alumni, History
113. Juan Carmona Zabala, PhD Student, History (Department Representative at the Graduate Student Association)
114. Graeme Mack, PhD Student, History

On-Campus Solidarity:
115. Jazmin Martinez, MA Student, Latin American Studies
116. Valentine Robert, PhD Student, Computer Science
117. Ly Thuy Nguyen, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies (International Students Work Group)
118. Simrandeep Singh, Undergraduate Student, Chancellor's Scholar
119. Erika Gonzalez, Former Student
120. Diego M. Cortes, PhD Student, Communication
121. Nisreen O. Mobayed, Alumni (Industrial Workers of the World)
122. Vineet Pandey, Graduate Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
123. Romeo Guzman, Fellow, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies (UCSD)
124. Angelica Ocampo, Graduate Student
125. Laura Pina, PhD Alumni
126. Marcela Mendoza, PhD Student, Bioengineering
127. Arianna Peregretti, Alumni
128. Patricia Zambrano, MFA Student, Visual Arts
129. Yahya Hafez, Undergraduate
130. Aisha Ali, Undergraduate
131. Miguel Angel Castañeda, MA Student, Latin American Studies (UAW 2865 Head Steward)
132. Camila Gavin, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies (UAW 2865 Head Steward)
133. James Antonio Najera, Undergraduate
134. Margarita Orozco, Undergraduate
135. Jose Leyva, Undergraduate
136. Jose Torre, Graduate
137. Duckjea Jun, Undergraduate Student
138. Tanner Smith, B.A. Alumni (2013)
139. Stephanie Castro, Undergraduate
140. Craig Majestic Williams, Alumni, Political Science (APSA, BSU, Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity)
141. Daniel O. Gonzalez, Undergraduate (Student Staff)
142. Diego Jimenez, Undergraduate
143. Leonel Perez, Undergraduate, Mathematics
144. Gabriel Schneider, Undergraduate, Urban Planning (Editor-in-Chief - The Triton)
145. David Morales, B.A. Alumni (2013), Latin American Studies
146. Davide Carpank, PhD Student, Sociology
147. Naseem Navab, Alumni, Visual Arts
148. Minh-Hieu Vu, Undergraduate (Associated Students)
149. Lillie Sanchez, PhD Student, Anthropology
150. Felipe Rangel, Undergraduate
151. Alexander Bakst, PhD Student, Computer Science
152. Chiao Lin, Undergraduate
153. Shelley Kuang, Alumni (APSA, CCAAS)
154. Natasha Jones, Undergraduate
155. Brian Crie, Staff & Alumni (OASIS)
156. Laura Castro, Undergraduate
157. Shane Khan Phan, Undergraduate, Psychology (CCAAS)
158. Poyao Huang, PhD Student, Communication
159. Zulema Laguna, Undergraduate
160. Miguel Angel Navarro Jr., Undergraduate, Sociology (MEChA)
161. Jessica Buie, MFA Student, Visual Arts
162. Julia Fernandez, PhD Student, Visual Arts
163. Gabriel De Jesus, Undergraduate, Psychology
164. Artemisa Clark, Alumni, Visual Arts
165. Teresita Rocha, PhD Student, Public Health - School of Medicine (Student Worker Collective)
166. Alondra Lopez-Barajas, Undergraduate, Biology
167. Celia Symons, PhD Student, Biological Sciences
168. Don Johnson, PhD Alumni, Chemistry & Biochemistry (Former GSA VP Diversity, Service, Equity and Inclusion, Former President Black Graduate Student Association, Former President Grad Parent Network)
169. German Octaviano, Undergraduate
170. Ben Carlos A. Damasco, Undergraduate, Biology (UCSD APSA)
171. Mikael Fauvelle, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
172. Aileen C. Velarde, Undergraduate, Public Health (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
173. Christina E. Muñoz, Undergraduate, Sociology (OASIS, Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
174. Leslye Santiago, Undergraduate, Human Biology
175. Andrea McDermott, Undergraduate, Economics
176. Cecilia Hurtado, Undergraduate, Sociology
177. Kenia Miranda, Undergraduate, Social Science (Sigma Pi Alpha, Inc.)
178. Sascha Crasnow, PhD Candidate, Visual Arts
179. Mayra Anaya, Undergraduate, Sociology - Law/Society
180. Krystal Martinez, Undergraduate, Public Health
181. Maria Celleri, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies (UAW 2865 Head Steward)
182. Yesenia Padilla, Alumni, Literature
183. Michael Matsuno, DMA, Music
184. Sofia Torrez, Undergraduate, Sociology (OASIS, Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
185. Josefa Rivera, Undergraduate, Biochemistry/Chemistry (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
186. Jackie Cruz, Undergraduate, Undeclared (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
187. Claudia Cota, Undergraduate, Social Sciences (OASIS)
188. Melissa Carrillo, Undergraduate, Marine Biology
189. Philomena Lopez, Undergraduate, Visual Arts
190. Senduran Pararajasingam, Undergraduate, Jacobs (SAE)
191. Christine Earley, Alumni (2008), Social Science
192. Dorothy Lee, Alumni, Visual Arts
193. Jael Vizcarra, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies (Graduate Student Advisor, UCSD Center for the Humanities)
194. Anh-Thy Huynh, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences (APSA)
195. Jaime Arredondo, PhD Student, Global Health
196. Grant Leuning, PhD Student, Communication
197. Joana Vazquez, Undergraduate, Biochemistry (AEPhi)
198. John Rehbeck, PhD Student, Economics
199. Patrick Esmende, Undergraduate, Biology (APSA)
200. Ousvaldo Enrique Chitica, Undergraduate, Biology
201. Lizeth Tamayo, Undergraduate, Social Sciences
202. Bailey Porras, BA Alumni, Sociology (MEChA)
203. Daniela Pardo-Yepez, Graduate Student, GPS
204. Gabriela Miramontes, Undergraduate, Psychology
205. Emily Tsou, Undergraduate, Public Health
206. Brianna Aragob Montes, Undergraduate, Pharmacological Chemistry (OASIS, Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
207. Rachan Narala, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences
208. David Wei Cheng Liao, Undergraduate, Ecology, Behavior, & Evolution, SIO - Marine Science (Student Sustainability Collective, Alpha Phi Omega)
209. Tara Pixley, PhD Student, Communication
210. Nikola García, Alumni, Anthropology
211. Amaris Tang, Undergraduate, Political Science (Retention Coordinator, Asian and Pacific Islander Student Alliance)
212. Brenda Alvarez, Undergraduate, Biology (Campus Diversity Engagement Coordinator, 2016-2017)
213. Cristina Rangel, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science
214. Daniel Gutiérrez, MA Alumni, Latin American Studies
215. Yi Moo, Undergraduate, Visual Arts
216. Christina Ashurina Aushana, PhD Student, Communication
217. Evelyn Blades, Alumni, Public Health
218. Alexis Guillermo Buz, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies and Public Health (Proud Undocumented Mexican UCSD Student)
219. Jocelyn Gutierrez, Undergraduate Student, Political Science
220. Lorena Gómez, Undergraduate, Visual Arts
221. Monica Hegde, MS, CSE
222. Nikos Koulouris, PhD Student, Computer Science and Engineering
223. Srinath Narayanan, MS, computer science
224. Sergio Enriquez, Undergraduate, Visual Arts
225. Lorenzo Ferrari, PhD Student, Materials Science and Engineering
226. Siddhartha Agarwal, Graduate Student, CSE
227. Sanmitra, MS, Computer Science
228. Azael Rodriguez , Undergraduate, Psychology (Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity Inc.)
229. Nancy Madrid Kain, BA Alumni, MA Alummi Latin American Studies (Dimensions of Culture Writing Program)
230. Andrew Leverentz, PhD Student, Computer Science
231. Karla Santiago, Alumni (2014), Anthropology (MEChA & SAAC)
232. Jehoan Espinoza, Undergraduate, International Studies: Political Science (Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.)
233. Juan José Rojo, MFA Student, Literature
234. Fabiola Orozco, Undergraduate, Psychology (Groundwork Books, Books for Prisoners, Che Café)
235. Matt Dewey, PhD Student, Communication
236. Fabio Villagran-Gonzalez, Undergraduate, Management Science (Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.)
237. Trang Vo, Undergraduate, Communication
238. Natasa Garic-Humphrey, Ph.D. student, Anthropology
239. Joanna Peralta-Arenas, Undergraduate, Anthropology (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
240. German Partida, Undergraduate, Political Science, OASIS
241. Ashley Freeman, Undergraduate, Electrical and Computer Engineering
242. Edgar Ramirez, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Systems: Earth Science
243. Kimberly Alejandra Salazar, Undergraduate student, Social Psychology (LaFe)
244. Begin Nazarian, Alumni, MAE
245. Ashley Carbonyl, Undergraduate, MAE
246. Josh Hochman, PhD Student, Music
247. Cindy Romero-Estrada, Undergraduate Student, Political Science (MEChA, Sigma Pi Alpha)
248. Jessica Aguilar, B.A. Alumni, Latin American Studies/ Spanish Literature (Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Inc.)
249. Manykhoth Leslie Those, Undergraduate student, Global Health (UCSD APSA, Kaibigang Pilipin@, CCAAS)
250. Aubrey Frio, Undergraduate, Pharmacological Chemistry (APSA)
251. Katie Huang Undergraduate, Computer Science (Asian & Pacific Islander Student Alliance)
252. Tiffany Saw, Alumni, International Studies
253. Belen Zagal, Undergraduate, Biology
254. Erika Ramirez, PhD Student. Communication (Lumumba Zapata Coalition)
255. Doruk Beyter, PhD Student, Computer Science
256. Samantha Adico, Undergraduate Student, Communication
257. Diana Sandoval, Alumni, Literatures of the World
258. Andrew Villalobos, Undergraduate
259. Jason M. Perez, PhD Candidate, Communication & Ethnic Studies
260. Kyle Doria, Undergraduate Student, English and Political Science
261. Reynaldo Garduno , Undergraduate, Public Health/Ethnic Studies (Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity Inc.)
262. Jonathan Delano Lloyd, Undergraduate, Mathematics-Computer Science (Kaibigang Pilipin@)
263. Alexia Arani, PhD student, Anthropology
264. Gloria Millan, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
265. Jenny Wong Alumni, Undergraduate, Psychology
266. Alejandro Panduro, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science (MEChA, MIRA)
267. Madeline Button, Undergraduate, Human Development
268. Noelle Ann De Guzman, Undergraduate, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Kaibigang Pilipin@)
269. Dianna Leo Ratsamy, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies (OASIS)
270. Shreyas Pathre Balakrishna, MS, CSE
271. Ali Ghorbani, MA, CSE
272. Jahir Gutiérrez, PhD Student, Bioengineering (President, Bioengineering Graduate Society)
273. Sukrita Boonjindasup, Undergraduate, Biology
274. Judith Garcia Rojas, Undergraduate, Global Health (Student Health Advocate Program)
275. Kyung yul Kevin Lim, MS student, Computer Science
276. Vanessa Cancio, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences (KP CORE)
277. Alexander Gamero-Garrido, PhD student, CSE (SDSC)
278. Adrianne Calibuso, Undergraduate student, Sociology (Kaibigang Pilipin@)
279. Karla Penaloza-Valdez, Undergraduate, Political Science
280. Adeline, Undergraduate, Economics
281. Diane Vang, Undergraduate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, (Hmong Student Association of San Diego)
282. Tou Vangpao Thao, Undergraduate (Chemistry)
283. Max Boonjindasup, Undergraduate, Biology
284. Ariana Padilla, Undergraduate, Structural Engineering (Society of Civil and Structural Engineers, Che Cafe Collective Member, Student Sustainability Collective)
285. Elizabeth Valencia, Undergraduate, Social Science (LaFe)
286. Kathia Cortez, Undergraduate, Human Biology
287. Manindra Maharani, MA, Computer Science
288. Ben Perez, PhD Student, CSE
289. Rohan J Vilms, Medical Student, School of Medicine
290. Martha Moreno, Undergraduate , Psychology/Clinical Psychology (OASIS)
291. Leticia Renteria Valle, Undergraduate (HaU de UCSD)
292. Josephine Leong, Undergraduate, Literature
293. Edgar Lopez-Garcia, Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering
294. Michaela Kazek, MA, Nanoengineering
295. Gerardo Gonzalez, Undergraduate, Electrical and Computer Engineering
296. Alric Althoff, PhD Student, Computer Science and Engineering
297. Jessica Moreno, Undergraduate Student, Chemical Engineering
298. Maybe Delgado, Undergraduate, Public Health (OASIS, Flying Sams)
299. Dania Munoz, Undergraduate, Public Health (Early Academic Outreach Program)
300. Wishma Senarath, Undergraduate, Biology
301. Eddie Tapia, Undergraduate, Mathematics-Computer Science
302. Juliana Morales, Undergraduate, Education (MEChA)
303. Derek Hollingsworth, Undergraduate, Microbiology
304. Hannah Winter, International Exchange Student, Literature (UCEAP)
305. Jeffrey Joel Vargas, Undergraduate, Sociology- Law & Society (Sigma Alpha Mu)
306. Daniela Leal, Alumni, Latin American Studies/ International Studies
307. Nancy Peniche May, PhD student, Anthropology
308. Crystal Rodarte, Undergraduate, Human development
309. Francisco Javier Langarica Jr., Undergraduate, Division of Biological Sciences
310. Chelsea Kolander, Alumni, Biology (NASA)
311. Felipe Martinez, Alumni, Literature/Writing
312. Ricardo Dominguez, Faculty, Visual Arts Department (AFSCME)
313. Erica Rios, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies
314. Estephania Cortez, Alumni, Biology
315. Alexia Pimentel, Alumni, Linguistics (Kaibigang Pilipin@)
316. Francisco Aceves, Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering (SHPE, CASP)
317. Magnus Pharao Hansen, Visiting Fellow (Center for US-Mexican Studies, UCSD)
318. Hanh On, Alumni, Human Development
319. Mariana Quezada, Undergraduate Student, Public Health
320. Erick Ramirez, Undergraduate, Sociology (OLC Mentor- CASP/OASIS, Undocumented Student Coordinator)
321. Anthony Kim, PhD (2016) & BA Alumni (2006), Literature
322. Sascha Pohflepp, PhD Student, Visual Arts
323. Joe DeBlasio, PhD Candidate, Computer Science
324. Tania Romero, Undergraduate, Biology (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, La Fe)
325. Hannah Grant, Phd Student, Electrical Engineering (ECE GSC)
326. Sophia P Hirakis, PhD Candidate, Chemistry and Biochemistry (GSA, HSA)
327. Veronica Sanchez, Undergraduate
328. Karina Banuelos, B.S. & B.A. Alumni, DVM candidate, Biology & Visual Arts
329. Islela Martinez, Alumni, International Studies
330. Michelle Tsigaridas Weller, Alumni, Sociology
331. Martin Boston, PhD Candidate, Ethnic Studies (UAW 2865 Head Steward)
332. George Santellano, Alumni, Mathematics
333. Fatima Housni, Undergraduate, Biology (Village RA)
334. Martha Gisella Rea, Undergraduate, Human Biology (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
335. Mariela Saldana, Alumni, International Studies (Phi lambda Rho, Hermanas Unidas)
336. Jessica McCurley, PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology, Department of Medicine
337. Susana Aguilera, MA Student, Latin American Studies
338. Lupita Ruiz-Tolento, MA Student, Latin American Studies
339. Sophia Lawson, Alumni, Political Science (UCSD Human Rights)
340. Nicole Gonzalez, Undergraduate, Visual Arts
341. Ana María Moreno, PhD student, Bioengineering (Student Worker Collective)
342. Mariana Quezada, Undergraduate Student, Public Health (Alpha Omicron Pi- Sorority, Global Medical Brigades)
343. Alex Edelstein, PhD Student, Communication
344. Courtney Tarrant, MA student, Latin American Studies
345. Kevin Beck, PhD Student, Sociology
346. Megan Horton, MA Alumni, Latin American Studies
347. Vanessa K Ferrel, MD Student, School of Medicine (Medical Students for Justice)
348. Marissa Hernandez, Undergraduate, Psychology
349. Bianca Martinez, MA Student, Latin American Studies
350. Monica Rios, Undergraduate, Political Science
351. Dominic Diorio, Undergraduate, Communication (Beta Theta Pi Fraternity)
352. Vanessa Bateman, PhD Student, Visual Arts
353. Lynn Waterhouse, PhD student, SIO (GSA representative, member GSA DAC)
354. Ethan Sparks, Alumni, Literature
355. Daniela Rodriguez, Undergraduate, Visual Arts, CSUF
356. Tiffany Castillo, Medical Student, School of Medicine
357. Dan Auerbach, Staff, IGPP/SIO
358. Amanda N Netburn, Alumni, SIO
359. Jessica Hatrick-Watson, Undergraduate Student, Critical Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies (Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service, and Students Against Mass Incarceration)
360. Kristen Gallerneaux Brooks, PhD Candidate, Visual Arts
361. Manel Palos Pons, PhD student, Communication
362. Rozhon Badiozamani, Undergraduate, Global Health
363. Kendra Marie Owens, Undergraduate, Economics
364. Rene Garcia, MD candidate, Department of Medicine
365. James J. Pollock, Staff, SIO Biology Section, SDSU Alumni
366. Jessica González, Graduate Coordinator, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
367. Kimberly Knight, UCSD alumni, SDSU MA student, Psychology & social work
368. Daniel Woolridge, Medical Student, School of Medicine (SNMA)
369. Brenda Galeana-Hernandez, Undergraduate, Public Health, Latin American Studies (Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority)
370. Berenice Jau, Staff (OASIS, TRIO SSS Program)
371. Carlos Gomez, Undergraduate, Political Science (MEChA)
372. Jacob Maskiewicz, MS Alumni, CSE
373. Maria Hirakis, Undergraduate, Sociology
374. Eric Ramirez, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences
375. Anastasia Grinberg, Undergraduate, International Studies
376. Katie Simpson, PhD Student, Communication
377. Gunnar Voet, Staff, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
378. Jennifer Devries, Medical Student, School of Medicine (Medical Students for Justice)
379. Viktoria Gisladottir, PhD Student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
380. Joana Granados, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies & Sociology (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority)
381. Remington Krueger, MA, Latin American Studies
382. Taryn Marcelino, Alumni (2012), Sociology
383. Kyle J Thompson, MFA candidate, Visual Arts
384. Candace Hsu, Alumni, International Studies Economics
385. Joe Hankins, Faculty, Anthropology
386. Grace Chaidez, Alumni, Human Development
387. Naeemah Munir, MD-PRIME-HEQ Student, School of Medicine (Medical Students for Justice)
388. Natalya Gallo, PhD Student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
389. Allison Van Vooren, B.S., Alumni (2013), Biology
390. Veronica Rubalcava, Undergraduate, Political Science (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Multicultural Greek Council)
391. Alexandria Shearer, PhD Student, Computer Science and Engineering (SHPE)
392. Meng Lung (Kevin) Liu, Post-baccalaureate student, UCSD School of Medicine (Medical Students for Justice)
393. Pek Ieong, Alumni, Chemistry and Biochemistry
394. Rachel O'Connor, Alumni
395. Hee Jung, MFA, Visual Arts
396. Dyllan Edward Thweatt, Undergraduate, Study of Religion (Kaibigang Pilipino and Triton Television)
397. Juan Rodriguez, Undergraduate, Psychology (Sigma Phi Epsilon)
398. Madeleine M Hamann, PhD Student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
399. Risa Farrell, Alumni, Staff, Global Health
400. Marisela Cardenas, Medical Student, UCSD School of Medicine
401. Arturo Ramirez Valdez, PhD Student, Marine Biology SIO UCSD
402. Yoo Mi Choi, Alumni
403. Paola Zuniga, Undergraduate, Public Health (Chicanos for Community Medicine)
404. Shanon Astley, Medical Student, School of Medicine (Medical Students for Justice)
405. Jesus Pacheco, Undergraduate, Mathematics
406. María José Delgadillo, MFA student, Literature
407. Katy Pham, Undergraduate, Human biology (Women SPEAK, Camp Kesem)
408. Chase DiBenedetto, Undergraduate, International Studies (Intern, UCSD Women's Center)
409. Erin McMullen, Undergraduate, Environmental Systems: Environmental Policy (Associated Students Women's Commission, Student Sustainability Collective)
410. Tae Hwang, Alumni, Visual Arts
411. Lourdes Suarez, Alumni, Psychology
412. Melinda Barnadas, Alumni, Visual Arts
413. Dellanira Alcauter, Ethnic Studies (AS office of EDI)
414. Adrian Borsa, Faculty, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
415. Cassandra Torrez, Undergraduate, Psychology
416. Jessica Garwood, PhD Student, SIO (Outback Climbing Center volunteer)
417. Vicram Vettiyil, Undergraduate, FPMU
418. Ana Lisa Korpos, Undergraduate, Visual Arts
419. Graciela Valdez, Alumni 2015, Sociology (Sigma Alpha Zeta)
420. Brianda Valenzuela, Alumni, Political Science & Spanish Literature (Phi Lambda Rho, UoR) graduate MALT
421. Kim Clark, PhD Student, Communication
422. Timothy Stoesz, Staff, SIO MPL
423. Daniel Trugman, PhD Student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
424. Nikola Bulajic, MA Student, Latin American Studies
425. Jacqueline Villatoro, Alumni, BA Sociology (Student Support Services/ OASIS/ Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
426. Areli Palomo Contreras, Alumni, CILAS
427. Angela Gutierrez, PhD Student, Clinical Psychology
428. Katie Hosch, Undergraduate, Urban Studies and Planning (Associated Students)
429. Yasmeen Ghazzawi, Undergraduate (Sigma Pi Alpha)
430. Boya Abudu, MD Student, School of Medicine (Medical Students for Justice)
431. Lillian McCormick, PhD Student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
432. Kelsey Chittum, Alumni, Psychology
433. Yelena Gluzman, PhD Student, Communication
434. Sowparnika Balaswaminathan, PhD Student, Anthropology
435. Andrea Valencia, Undergraduate, Psychology
436. Jael Castro, Undergraduate, Sociology (OASIS Writing Tutor)
437. Veronica Noriegs, Alumni, Latin American Studies
438. Andy Antonio Ferruzca, Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineer (Gamma Zeta Alpha)
439. Brian Goldfarb, Faculty, Communication
440. Martha Alejandra Gutierrez, Undergraduate, Marine Biology
441. Theresa Gaasterland, Faculty, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Institute for Genomic Medicine; Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Program)
442. Jennifer Gonzalez, Staff, Integrative Oceanography Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
443. Catherine Czacki, PhD Student, Visual Arts/Arts History
444. Aurelio Velazquez, Law Student (La Raza)
445. Ned Randolph, PhD Student, Communication
446. Gary Fields, Faculty, Communication
447. Lyndsay Bloom, MFA, Visual Arts
448. Charlotte Harland, Alumni, School of Global Policy and Strategy
449. Marlene Brito Millan, PhD Student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (The Ethnic Studies & SIO Collective)
450. Esmeralda Gutierrez, Alumni, Sociology
451. Paloma Checa-Gismero, PhD Student, Visual Arts
452. Norell Martínez, PhD Student, Literature
453. Lourdes Sarmiento Martinez, Undergraduate, Undeclared (MEChA)
454. Elena Higuchi, MD Student, School of Medicine
455. Naera Meza, Undergraduate, Public Health and Urban Studies & Planning (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
456. Rebecca Hernandez, Alumni, Political Science (Sigma Pi Alpha)
457. Nancy Acosta, Alumni, Cognitive Science (UCSD Pepband)
458. Camille F. Forbes, Faculty, Literature
459. Brian Nuyen, Medical Student, School of Medicine
460. Roxana Urrutia, Undergraduate, Biology
461. Ken Hall, Staff, Scripps Institution of Ocenography
462. Anais Mullins, Undergraduate, Critical Gender Studies/ Communication
463. Caitlin Riley, Med Student, Education Studies
464. Kiel Vincent Baluca-Tran, Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering (Kaibigang Pilipin@)
465. Michael Fong, PhD Student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
466. Rebeca Rodriguez, Undergraduate, Psychology- Human Health
467. Ivy Nguyen, Undergraduate, Math
468. Manel Palos Pons, PhD Student, Communication
469. Edward Richards, PhD Student, Oceanography
470. Christian Lopez, Medical Student, UCSD School of Medicine (LMSA)
471. Mayra Mendoza, Undergraduate, Public Health
472. Alexis Lopez, MD MPH, UCSD School of Medicine (Member, Co-Chair of UCSD Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) '12-'13 and Past Co-Director LMSA Western Region '14-'15)
473. Maritza Villagomez, Undergraduate, Management Science
474. Sukyi Naing, Undergraduate, Psychology, Ethnic Studies
475. John Mortimer, Staff, S.I.O. (UPTE member)
476. Kevin Hale, PhD Student, Sociology
477. Ricardo XB, Alumni, Ethnic Studies
478. Cella Chung, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies and Critical Gender Studies
479. Raul Saldana J.D., Alumni, Political Science
480. Shannon Johnson , Staff Alumni, ITS
481. Jace Chan, Undergraduate, Computer Science (Women in Computing)
482. Eliya Baron Lopez, Undergraduate, Environmental Systems (Physical Sciences)
483. Jennifer E. Smith, Faculty, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
484. Dennise Uribe, Undergraduate, Criminal justice
485. Olivia Quintanilla, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies
486. Lissette Garcia, Undergraduate, Psychology
487. Clarisa Coronado, Undergraduate, Psychology
488. Brian Cross, Faculty, Visual Arts
489. Marion Alberty, PhD Student, Scripps Oceanography
490. Adrian Rubio, Undergraduate, Center for Student Involvement, Physiology/Neuroscience (Beta Theta Pi Fraternity)
491. Rosa Lizeth, M. Ed student
492. Valdez , Undergraduate alumni
493. Staff, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
494. Hannah Green, MD Student, School of Medicine
495. Robert Serocki, Staff, ITS -IT infrastructure, Alumni, Cognitive Science
496. Valerie Sapp, PhD Student, Biomedical Sciences
497. Lisha Pacheco, Alumni, International studies (Trio support services)
498. Omar Padilla, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies (Raza Graduate Student Association)
499. Daniel Rojas, Graduate Student, Education Studies
500. Paola Avila, Alumni, Economics
501. Pat Nguyen, Alumni, Psychology (MASA)
502. Devin Sheridan, Undergraduate, Mathematics and Economics (Alpha Omicron Pi)
503. Jesenia Carreon, Undergraduate, Sociology
504. Vilan Le, Undergraduate, Computer Science
505. Ashlin Mountjoy, Alumni, School of Medicine (PRIME Health Equity)
506. Elizabeth Hensley Chany, Alumni, Visual Arts
507. Jaime Rodriguez-Sosa, MA Student, International Studies-Political Science
508. Emmanuel Hernandez Soto, Undergraduate, CSE
509. Lupe Samaniego Kraus, Staff, SHS, Health Promotion Services
510. Diane Richards, Staff, Mathematics
511. Diego Mesa, PhD Student, Bioengineering
512. Roejandel Leoncio Martin, Undergraduate, Education Studies
513. Grant Chinn, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science (Muir College HA)
514. Karla Avila, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science
515. Felicitas Arias, Undergraduate, Revelle College (Hermanas Unidas de UCSD)
516. Aki Douthat, Undergraduate, Public Health (Cancer Outreach Team)
517. Zachary Richter, PhD Student, Communication Studies
518. To-Van Hoang, Alumni, Communication
519. Liesel Spangler, PhD Student, Political Science
520. Akana Noto, PhD Student, Biological Sciences
521. Krystle Montgomery, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies
522. Aki Douthat, Undergraduate, Public Health (Cancer Outreach Team)
523. Mario Aguilera, Staff, Scripps Communications, Alumni
524. Maya Duru, PhD Student, Political Science
525. Fredrick R Cook Jr, Alumni, Mechanical Engineering
526. Morgan Goodrich, Undergraduate, Chemistry and Biochemistry
527. Kevin Jenson, PhD Student, Cognitive Science
528. Stephanie Gomez Menzies, PhD Student, Literature
529. Alana Borum, Undergraduate, Chemistry and Biochemistry
530. Estefani Zepeda, Undergraduate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
531. Marlie Adamson, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences (Pi Beta Phi, OASIS Tutor)
532. Rachel Sigal, Student at Laguna College of Art + Design, Animation
533. Lindsey Youngquist, Other Graduate, School of Medicine (Medical students for Justice)
534. Erika Encinas, CSU Fresno alumni (mcj, lsg sorority)
535. Roberto J. Bravo, Alumni, Anthropology
536. Joshua Laroya, Undergraduate, International Studies and Linguistics (Multi-Asian Student Association)
537. Selena Lopez, Undergraduate
538. Tara Whitty, Postdoc, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
539. Melina Garcia, Undergraduate, Sociology (OASIS)
540. Evelyn Ross, MD Candidate, School of Medicine
541. Todd Levinson, PhD Student, Political Science
542. Mai Tu Khuong, PhD Student, Biological Sciences
543. Jordan Coburn, Undergraduate, Political Science
544. Monica Martinez-Maruri, Alumni, Structural Engineer
545. Chris Shenton, Staff, ECE
546. Julie Harmon, Undergraduate, Economics, Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.
547. Ceila Aguilar, Alumni, B.A Ethnic Studies (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc., MSW Candidate at Boston College)
548. Isabella Arzeno, PhD Student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
549. Isaac Jeremy Lu, Alumni, Music
550. Micah Gell-Redman, Alumni, Political Science
551. Ana K. Ortiz, MD Student, School of Medicine, PRIME Health Equity
552. Cameron Sells, PhD Student, Political Science
553. Christel Smith, PhD MBA, Alumni, Physics & Rady
554. Hatchly Galindo Moreno, Undergraduate, Political Science
555. Andrea Valencia, Undergraduate, Psychology (OASIS)
556. Kim Schreiber, MFA Student, Literature/Writing
557. Jaime Murillo Mena, MA Student, School of Global Policy & Strategy (Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc.)
558. Catherine de Groot-Hedlin, Staff, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
559. Christina E. Green, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies
560. Nadeen Kharputly, PhD Student, Literature
561. Brenda Gomez, Alumni, Economics
562. Tara Zepel, PhD Student, Visual Arts
563. Hernan Picatto, MA Student, Global Policy and Strategy School
564. David Price, Other Graduate, GPS (Latin American Student Organization of GPS)
565. Nazita Lajevardi, PhD Student, Political Science
566. Lauren Lopez, Undergraduate, Nanoengineering
567. Jacqueline Brinkmann, Undergraduate, Urban Studies and Planning
568. Sean O'Neal, Alumni, Economics (Associated Students, VP Finance)
569. Lucas de Abreu Maia, PhD Student, Political Science
570. Beatriz Valenzuela Guzman, Staff, Calit2/Qualcomm Institute
571. Matthew Tay, Alumni, Dance (TCM Graduate student)
572. Steven Partida, Undergraduate, Computer Science (Psi Chi Omega, Revelle College Council VP Finance)
573. Dominique Strickland, Undergraduate, Political Science
574. Alden Horsley, Alumni, Biological Sciences
575. Rachel, PhD Student, Cognitive Science
576. Shreeman Hariharan, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science
577. Yin Yuan, PhD Student, Political Science
578. Maya Land, Alumni, Environmental Systems
579. Karen Sanchez, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science (Flying Samaritans)
580. Jackie Markt-Maloney, Undergraduate, Political Science
581. Karina Enriquez, Undergraduate, Literature/Writing
582. Maxine Yang, Undergraduate, Human Biology
583. Andrew M Sturm, MFA Student, Visual Arts
584. Timothy Lew, PhD Student, Psychology
585. Rodolfo Fabian Garcia Perez, Undergraduate, Literature (Hermanos Unidos de UCSD)
586. Sarah Van Buren, Undergraduate, Biochemistry (Alpha Omicron Pi)
587. Andrew Keohane, Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering
588. Lauren Manalo, Alumni, Political Science
589. Sneha Jayaprakash, Undergraduate, Computer Science
590. Daniella Nicole McDonald, MD/PhD Candidate, School of Medicine (Med Students 4 Justice and LGBTQ-Meds)
591. Rubi Hernandez, Alumni, Psychology
592. Asian American Graduate Students Association (AASGSA)
593. Olivia Simpson, PhD Student, CSE
594. Steven Lee, Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering
595. Yessica Garcia Hernandez, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies
596. German E. Alfaro, Alumni, Computer Science and Engineering
597. Khang Bui, Undergraduate, Psychology
598. Michaela Robison, Undergraduate, Human Development Program
599. Mingxun Wang, PhD Student, Computer Science and Engineering
600. Elvira Kassandra Suarez Din, Undergraduate, Political Science
601. Hyesoo Scarlett Suh, Undergraduate, Sociology
602. Corina Cadiz, Undergraduate, Critical Gender studies
603. Freddy Delgado-Wong, Alumni, Staff (OASIS, TRIO SSSP)
604. Kesha Dorsey Spoor, MPH, Alumni, Anthropology
605. Marco Antonio Rivera, Undergraduate, Management Science (Sigma Nu)
606. Oscar Martinez, Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering (Nu Alpha Kappa)
607. Mukta Kelkar, Undergraduate, Environmental Systems (Student Sustainability Collective)
608. Garfield Kwan, PhD Student, Marine Biology Research Division (TIDES)
609. Alicia Outcalt, Alumni, Psychology
610. Caitlin Morse, Undergraduate, Environmental Systems (Student Sustainability Collective, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority)
611. Anthony De Leon, Staff, Transportation
612. Jennifer Renee Rojas, Alumni, Ethnic Studies/ INTL studies
613. Adam Morgan, PhD Student, Psychology
614. Erick Soto, Undergraduate
615. Katie Persons, Undergraduate, Urban Studies & Planning (Student Sustainability Collective)
616. Whitney Russell, PhD Student, Anthropology (Co-Chair Diversity Advisory Council)
617. Erica Nicole Kirk, Alumni, Cognitive Science (Former principle member of UCSD's LGBTQIA, Current M.Ed. Candidate at the University of Southern California)
618. Diane Yoong, Undergraduate, Critical Gender Studies/Psychology
619. Kitty Mcgirr, Undergraduate, Political Science & African American Studies
620. Karyn Benson, PhD Student, Computer Science and Engineering
621. Mark Justin Llorente, PhD Student, Materials Science & Engineering
622. Stuart Horner, Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering
623. Arpie Shekoyan, Undergraduate, Vis Arts (Vagina Monologues, ASA)
624. Riley Taitingfong, PhD Student, Communication
625. Emily Carrillo, Undergraduate, Human Development (Hermanas Unidas de UCSD)
626. Jacob Olson, PhD Student, Cognitive Science
627. Ana Lopez, Alumni, Psychiatry
628. Natalya Ballard, Undergraduate, Biology
629. Zsara Abuyo, Undergraduate, Human Development (House Advisor for Muir College, Alternative Breaks @ UCSD, Kaibigang Pilipin@)
630. Sara Betancur, PhD Student, Anthropology
631. Kristine Komiyama, Alumni, Political science
632. Kathryn Messing, Undergraduate, Political Science (TMC RA)
633. Alexander Tsiatas, Alumni, Computer Science and Engineering, PhD graduate, 2012
634. Samantha Jahaira Carbajal, Undergraduate, Communication
635. Mayra Lucas, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences (Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine)
636. Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, MFA Student, Visual Arts
637. Natalie Terenzi, Undergraduate, Anthropology (LAIT)
638. Ashley Sheng, Undergraduate, Biology (PPASO, WPMP, VA Medical Center)
639. Victor Oliva, Undergraduate, Physiology and Neuroscience (Muir HA)
640. Kimberly Nguyen, Undergraduate, Psychology
641. Edward Nadurata, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies and Political Science (Kaibigang Pilipin@, Kamalayan Kollective, Coalition for Critical Asian American Studies)
642. Angela McClean, PhD Student, Sociology
643. Leo Vogel, Staff, Financial Aid and Scholarships
644. Garrett Rozario, Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering
645. Jocelyn Jauregui, Alumni, Biology (Sigma Alpha Zeta Multicultural Sorority)
646. Eugene Olivar, Undergraduate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Kaibigang Pilipin@, Student Sustainability Collective, Engineers for a Sustainable World)
647. Victoria Angulo, Undergraduate, Biology
648. Kimberly Macias, Alumni, Psychology, Staff Member at UCSD Psychiatry
649. Kendall Grady, Alumni, Literature
650. Daisy A. Cruz, Alumni, Psychology (Alumni staff)
651. Julie Fishbach, Alumni, Anthropology
652. Monica Gonzalez, Undergraduate, B.S Human Biology (Sigma Pi Alpha, OASIS)
653. Anna Abramova, Undergraduate, Economics
654. Karen Angeles, Undergraduate, Structural Engineering (Chancellor's Scholar)
655. Maricela Santacruz, Staff, Financial Aid
656. Barbara F. Romero, Staff, Financial Aid, Systems
657. Monica Valdez, Undergraduate, Physiology and Neuroscience, Biological Sciences (Sigma Kappa Sorority, Board of Out-Of-State Students)
658. Hannah Alday, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences
659. Ian Osdale, Alumni, Philosophy
660. Stephany Vargas, Undergraduate, Biology
661. Jennifer Marchisotto, PhD Candidate, Literature
662. Yajaira Grande, Undergraduate, Biology (Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine)
663. Marisa Abrajano, Faculty, Political Science
664. Brandon Christian Marin, PhD Student, NanoEngineering
665. Zoe Nemerever, PhD Student, Political Science
666. Mary Marsell, Concerned CA & US Citizen, Spanish
667. J Andres Gannon, PhD Student, Political Science
668. Terry Solomon, PhD Student, Biomedical Science (BMS Council Member)
669. Angela Chen, Undergraduate, Economics
670. Mary Smith, PhD Candidate, Psychology
671. Rosa Quezada, Alumni, Literature
672. Diana Vargas, MA Student, Women's Studies
673. Nida Hussain, MS Student, Computer Science
674. Victor L Liu, Alumni, Political Science (International Relations)
675. Kaitlin Seligson, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science
676. Gary Harrison, Undergraduate, Political Science (CASP)
677. Aristotle Leung, Undergraduate, Political Science (Asian and Pacific Islander Student Alliance)
678. Allison Gurrera, Undergraduate, Political Science
679. Nicole Tantoco, MD Candidate, School of Medicine, Program in Medical Education - Health Equity
680. Amy Alagh, MD student, School of Medicine
681. Amy Williams, Alumni, Cognitive Science
682. Ike Sharpless, PhD Candidate, Political Science
683. Kimberly Lopez, Undergraduate, Human Development
684. Kimberly Soy, Undergraduate, Political Science (College Democrats at UC San Diego)
685. Briana Zavala, Undergraduate, Sociology/Ethnic Studies
686. Deborah Seligsohn, PhD Student, Political Science Department
687. Derek Carranco Carranza, Undergraduate, Political Science & Sociology (UCSD Rugby Team)
688. Taarini Arikkath, Undergraduate, Psychology
689. Victiashea Matthews, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies (NASA)
690. Soli Garcia, PhD Candidate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (IGPP)
691. Sophia Boudiz, Undergraduate, Political Science (CCIS)
692. Celeste Martinez De Luna, Undergraduate, Psychology, Education Studies (SPACES, Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Collective Voice)
693. Louis Weimer, PhD Student, Political Science
694. Jahaziel Aguilera, Undergraduate, UCSD
695. Olga Lazitski, PhD Student, Communication
696. Marcus M. Carreon, Undergraduate, Public Health
697. Boatema Boateng, Faculty, Department of Communication, UCSD
698. Dorothy Ye, MS Student, CSE
699. Sophia Boudiz, Undergraduate, Political Science (CCIS)
700. Brian Meredith, Undergraduate, Biology (Ascension, Beta Theta Pi)
701. Blake Branine, Undergraduate, Political Science
702. Hayden Soria, Undergraduate, Political Science
703. Micaela Smith, PhD, Alumni, Ethnic Studies
704. Ana Martinez, Undergraduate, Psychology
705. Shariq Ahmed, Alumni, Political Science (Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity)
706. Brian Stock, PhD Student, Scripps Oceanography
707. Leticia Murillo, Alumni, CILAS/Spanish Literature
708. Jimmy Nguyen, Alumni, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
709. Brandon Pleman, Staff, Muir Residential Life Office
710. Robert Lehmann, Undergraduate, Political Science (Beta Theta Pi)
711. Sean Berquist, MD Student, School of Medicine (Medical Students for Justice)
712. Genevieve Thipatima, Undergraduate, Communcations
713. Julia Clark, PhD Student, Political Science
714. Kimberly McCabe, PhD Student, Bioengineering
715. Levi Lewis, PhD Student, SIO
716. Evelyn Cordova, Undergraduate, Psychology
717. Darren Lipomi, Faculty, NanoEngineering
718. Linda Alaniz, Staff, Muir College
719. Cheyenne Luna, Undergraduate, Political Science + Critical Gender Studies
720. Mckenzie Nelson, Undergraduate, Communications
721. Stephen Zamarripa, Alumni, Ethnic Studies/International Studies
722. John Dulin, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
723. Jonathan Walton, PhD Student, Communication
724. Issa Hourani, Undergraduate, Dance
725. Dimple Bhatt, Staff, ECE
726. Nadeen Kharputly, PhD Candidate, Literature
727. Natalie Languren, Undergraduate, Psychology
728. Elzbeth Islas, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies (SPACES, MEChA)
729. Libertad Aranza, Alumni, Literature
730. Pablo Inzunza Velazquez, Alumni (OASIS, Summer Bridge)
731. Sonya Timko, Undergraduate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (All Campus Transfer Association)
732. Yvonne Chau, Undergraduate, Chemical Engineering
733. Janelle Spark, Undergraduate, English Literatures
734. Madelin Jimenez Andersen, Undergraduate, Marine Biology, Scripps Institute of Oceanography
735. Leticia Rivas, Undergraduate, Mathematics
736. Guicheng Tan, Alumni, Psychology
737. Elieth Martinez, MD, Alumni, Biological Science
738. C Spencer Jones, PhD Candidate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
739. Anna Mihaly, Undergraduate, Neuroscience and Physiology
740. Janeth Herrera Bucho, Alumni, Gender Ethnicity & Multicultural Studies (California Dream Network Representative)
741. Hyunwoo Choi, Undergraduate, Communications
742. Eva Sanchez, PhD Student, MBRD-SIO
743. Mason Thurmond, Undergraduate, Environmental Systems
744. Mustafa Guler, Undergraduate, Bioengineering
745. Treysi Vargas, Undergraduate, Biology
746. Nikki Riser, Alumni, Management Science
747. Tiffany Rogel, Undergraduate, Bioengineering
748. Karen Bejar, Alumni, Psychology & Spanish Literature
749. Marie Obaña Quiñones, Alumni, Psychology (The People)
750. Victoria Chia, MD Student, School of Medicine
751. Melody Diep, Alumni, Biochemistry & Cell Biology
752. Monica Lopez Martinez, Undergraduate, Latin American Studies (SSSP)
753. Rosanna Galzote, MD Student, School of Medicine
754. Rachel A. Maldonado, Alumni
755. Alexis Velazquez Olivera, Undergraduate, Political Science - Public Law (MEChA, MIRA)
756. Cindy Ayala, Undergraduate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (SHPE)
757. Laura Homec, Alumni, Mechanical Engineering
758. Allie Van Horn, Undergraduate, Spanish
759. Manuel R. Cuellar, PhD Candidate, Spanish & Portuguese
760. Daniel Crescencio Castro, Undergraduate
761. Miriam A. Cervantes, Alumni, Political Science
762. Martha Diaz, Undergraduate, Communication
763. Victoria Abarca, Alumni, UCI Alumni, Thurgood Marshall College, Class of 2012 (OASIS, TRIO)
764. Allison Vo, Undergraduate, Sociology
765. James McGuinness, PhD Student, Computer Science & Engineering
766. Wagner Peng, Undergraduate, Psychology (Psi Chi/Psychology Club at UCSD)
767. Mayra Sandoval, Alumni, Ethnic Studies/Political Science
768. Karla Oliveira, Undergraduate, Biology
769. Maya deVries, Postdoctoral Scholar, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
770. Rosalie P Ramirez, Alumni, Psychology
771. Veronica Benitez-Gonzalez, Undergraduate, Political Science (Undocumented Student Services Center Ambassador)
772. Ian Simpson-Shelton, MD student, School of medicine (Med Students for Justice)
773. Carlos R Guillen, Alumni, Political Science (M.E.Ch.A.)
774. Yadira Basaldua, Undergraduate, Human Biology
775. Rosemary Maciel, Undergraduate, Psychology (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.)
776. Jesus Gaeta, Alumni 2008, International Studies
777. Dena Elimelech, Undergraduate, Biology
778. Madeline Marisol Ocampo, Undergraduate, MAE
779. Amanda Guilardi, Undergraduate, Political Science
780. Wilbert Copeland, Alumni, Bioengineering
781. Daniel Garcia, Undergraduate, Biochemistry/Chemistry
782. Wilson Deng, Undergraduate, Psychology, Ethnic Studies
783. Sebastian Saiegh, Faculty, Political science
784. Carley Towne, Undergraduate, Critical Gender Studies
785. Sean Morgan, PhD Student, Political Science
786. Brenda Madriz Montes, Alumni, Political Science (Editor-in-Chief of The Left Coast Post at UCSD 2009-2011, Delta Delta Delta)
787. Maria Güémez, Alumni, Critical Gender Studies
788. Ana Julia Castro, Alumni, ERC
789. Jose Camacho, Undergraduate, Spanish Literature
790. Fredy Garcia, Alumni, Visual Arts
791. Maryann Diaz, Alumni, Psychology
792. Dr. Maria M. Rivas, PharmD, Alumni, Chemistry Department and OASIS (CAMP, HOPE, McNair, Amgen, HOPE, OASIS)
793. Tiffany Dang, Undergraduate, Sociology
794. Francisco Mendez, Founder Servicio Particular Alacran, Third College
795. Anael Rizzo, Undergraduate, Neuro/Physio (IHC, SACNAS, SSSP)
796. Austin Williams, Alumni, Chemistry (OASIS, TRIO SSS Program, HMP3)
797. Daisy Olivarez, Undergraduate, Political Science and Literature (MEChA)
798. Caitlyn Renee Lozano, Undergraduate, Psychology, Minor in Political Science and Educational Studies (National Society of Leadership and success, UCSD Women triton swim team)
799. Jessica McCurley, PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology, Department of Medicine
800. Matheus Prado, Alumni, Biology
801. Oscar Flores, Undergraduate, ECE
802. Yolanda Areli Chavez, Undergraduate, Psychology
803. Claire Wayte, Undergraduate, Political Science
804. Hayley Aguilar, Undergraduate, Marketing
805. Juan Martinez, Undergraduate, Business-Marketing
806. Lourdes Sarmiento Martinez, Undergraduate, Undeclared (Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc., MEChA)
807. Marisa McDaniel, Undergraduate, Ecology, Behavior, Evolution
808. Austin Chin, Undergraduate, Biology
809. Beatriz Medina, MA, TLLP, Psy. D. Student, Psychology
810. Laura Darken, Undergraduate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
811. Alex Dubee, PhD Student, Communication
812. Magdalena Munoz-Perez, Alumni, Lecturer & Coordinator
813. Christian Hissom, Alumni, Neuroscience (Co-president & founder of Collaboration for Neuroscience)
814. Vianey Rodriguez, Undergraduate, HD
815. Selena Friedman, Undergraduate, Political Science (Track & Field)
816. Juan David Rubio Restrepo, PhD Candidate, Music
817. Zulma Curet, Alumni, Medicine (UCSD SOM alumni)
818. Benjamin Tucker, Undergraduate, Computer Science
819. Emily Lane, Undergraduate, Political Science
820. Greg Rodriguez, Undergraduate, Native American Studies (HSU MEChA)
821. Roberto Arevalo, Alumni, Biochemistry & Chemistry
822. Calvin Tran, Undergraduate, Division of Biological Sciences
823. American Medical Student Association
824. Arianna Rossetti, Undergraduate, Sociology
825. Berenice Almaguer, Undergraduate, Bioengineering
826. Paul Malinowski, Undergraduate, Physics
827. Diana Cortez, Undergraduate, Public Health
828. Daryn Longman, Undergraduate, SIO
829. Haidee Sanchez, Undergraduate, Biology
830. Stephanie Suh, Undergraduate, Political Science
831. Leah Cluff, PhD Alumni, Visual Arts
832. Neo Khuu, Alumni, Political Science
833. Laurel Dean, Staff, Recreation
834. Daniela Flores, Alumni, Biology
835. Natalie Morgan, Alumni, Cognitive Science (TMCSC, SAAC, ASUCSD)
836. Anthony James Barrios, Undergraduate, Public Health
837. Alexander Han, Undergraduate, Sustainability Engineers for a Sustainable World
838. Janessa Tran, Undergraduate, Economics / Computer Science
839. Jocelyn Barrueta, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences
840. Samantha Shepherd, Undergraduate, Psychology
841. Lara Albrecht, Undergraduate, Cognitive science
842. Meagan Rose Baron, Undergraduate, Psychology & Linguistics, Muir Woods Coffee House
843. Ann Listerud, MA Student, School of Global Policy and Strategy
844. Bryan Francisco Pino, Undergraduate, International Studies
845. Fátima Khayar Cámara, PhD Student, Sociology
846. Jennifer Tran, Undergraduate, Computer Science
847. Emily Elizabeth Goodman, PhD Candidate, Visual Arts
848. Taylor Bright, Alumni, Biomedical Science
849. Yuka Murakami, Undergraduate, Visual Arts, Cognitive Science
850. Sandy Garcia, Undergraduate, On-Campus, Sociology
851. Genesis Mazariegos, Undergraduate
852. Erika Guerra, Undergraduate, Economics
853. Ana Edith Perez, Undergraduate, Sociology (Hermanas Unidas)
854. Jacqueline Ornelas, Undergraduate, Art History
855. Morelia P. Rivas, Alumni, Literature
856. Daniah Tanori, Staff, UCSD Thornton Hospital IMU
857. Morgan Mandalay, MFA Student, Visual Art
858. Rachel Perez, Undergraduate, Biology (SACNAS)
859. Maria Gabriela Garcia Cheran, Alumni, Literature, Psychology (Active Minds at UC San Diego, OASIS SSSP, Raza Graduate Student Association)
860. Jake Cushnir, Undergraduate, Structural Engineering (Triton Television Station Manager)
861. Edwin Contreras, MD Candidate, School of Medicine (Medical Students for Justice)
862. Jacob Bailey, Alumni, SOM
863. Tiveeda Stovall, Staff, Center for Student Involvement
864. Sarahai Garibay, Undergraduate, Mathematics
865. Shreya Banerjee, Undergraduate, Environmental Systems
866. Frank, Undergraduate, Computer Science
867. Brajesh Kushwaha, Alumni, Computer Science
868. Heidi Mondragón, Undergraduate, Psychology
869. Marissa Armijo, Undergraduate, Biology (Phi Sigma Pi)
870. Kelly Pham, Undergraduate, Mathematics
871. Sam Mitchell, PhD Student, Theatre and Dance (UAW 2865)
872. Karen Plascencia, Alumni, Psychology (Sigma Pi Alpha)
873. Jas Alexis Ladao, Undergraduate, Human Biology
874. Elaine Haymar Kong, Undergraduate, Political Science
875. Paloma Sat-Vollhardt, Undergraduate, International Studies – Economics (General Store Co-op)
876. Anne Chmilewski, Alumni, School of Medicine (PRIME-Health Equity)
877. Eliza Hoyos Vences, Alumni, International Studies and Spanish Literature (OASIS, Phi Lambda Rho, MECH@, KP)
878. Maria Alonso, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies
879. Kosha Patel, Undergraduate, International Studies (Alpha Chi Omega)
880. Danielle Hall, Undergraduate, Theatre
881. Joy Nwarueze, Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering
882. Bridget Guiza, Alumni, Physical Sciences
883. Melanie Sandoval, Undergraduate, Psychology and Spanish
884. Marie Schneider, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science
885. Dana Shin, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies, Literature, Political Science
886. Andrea Mejia, Undergraduate, Structural Engineering
887. Elize Mazadiego, Alumni, Visual Arts
888. Kara Raphaeli, PhD Student, Theatre and Dance
889. Raphi Rechitsky, Guest Scholar, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies
890. Lizett Wilkins y Martinez, Medical Student, School of Medicine (LMSA)
891. Michael Evans, Undergraduate, Psychology
892. Baleria Mendez, Undergraduate, Structural Engineering
893. Jacqueline Wanjiru Koch, Undergraduate (Queer and Trans People of Color)
894. Carolina Tizcareno, Undergraduate, Human Biology
895. Miguel Angel Anzelmetti, Undergraduate, Public Health (MEChA, SPACES, OASIS)
896. Angelique De Castro, Undergraduate, Computer Science (Women in Computing)
897. Lizbeth Luna, Undergraduate, Human Development
898. Andy Xia, Undergraduate, STEM
899. Kristina Frausto, Alumni, International Studies
900. Kristen McCleary, Alumni, English
901. Dr. Heyda Martinez, Administrator, Graduate School
902. Ivy y. Chou, Alumni, MFA alum from Theatre and Dance
903. Lisa M. Squier, Alumni, Psychology Graduate (Psi Chi)
904. Suzanne Agins, Alumni, Theater
905. Georgia Hartman, UCSD Alumni, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, UC Irvine
906. Veronica Hoyo, Alumni, Political Science
907. Shea Yonker, Undergraduate, Mathematics
908. Max Parra, Faculty, Literature
909. Gina Cioffi, Undergraduate, Theatre
910. Cynthia Terrones, Alumni, Study of Religion
911. Brittany Goloskie, Undergraduate, Communications
912. Hannah Dick, PhD Candidate, Communication
913. Lilly Irani, Faculty, Communication, Science Studies
914. Sarah Dovi, Alumni, International Studies
915. Katrin Pesch, PhD Candidate, Visual Arts
916. Diletta Giuntini, PhD Candidate, Engineering
917. Azze Ngo, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science (Student Health Advocates, Greeks United for Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity, Associated Students UCSD)
918. Chelly Herman, Undergraduate, Physics
919. Kasia Senyszyn, Alumni, English
920. Martha R. Gonzales, Alumni, Literature
921. Jonah Escalona, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science (Alpha Phi Omega)
922. Itzel Gonzalez, Undergraduate, Structural Engineering (Alternative Breaks @UCSD, Triton Athletics)
923. Ari Anderson, Undergraduate, Legal Studies
924. Matthew Pendergraft, PhD Student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
925. Clara Fu, Undergraduate, Biology (Rotaract at UCSD, HMP3, VSA)
926. Patrick Anderson, Faculty, Communication, Ethnic Studies, Critical Gender Studies
927. Dr. Sheila O'Rourke, Lecturer, Anthropology
928. Cynthia Lee, Alumni, Computer Science
929. Katie Saunders, Undergraduate, Communications
930. Janine Ubink, Faculty, UCI Law school
931. Rachel Birnam, Undergraduate, Literature/Cultural Studies, African American Studies
932. Ari Larissa Heinrich, Faculty, Literature
933. Clinton Tolley, Faculty, Philosophy
934. Peter Newbury, Associate Director, Center for Engaged Teaching, UC San Diego Teaching + Learning Commons
935. Silvia Rivas-Coleman, Alumni, Department of Chemistry
936. Eva Gabriela Baylon, Alumni, MAE (CAMP, SHPE, McNair)
937. Karina Gutiérrez, Alumni, Theatre and Performance Studies
938. Erik Peterson, Alumni, Computer Science (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)
939. Claudia Elena Varela, Undergraduate, Dance and Bioengineering
940. Katherine Zoque, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies
941. Meryl Press, Undergraduate, Sustainability Office + Office of Student Advocacy
942. Irene Ortega, Alumni, Psychology (MEChA Alumni, Community Member)
943. Steven Edward Schmidt, PhD Student, Sociology
944. Sofia Han, Undergraduate, Liberal Studies
945. Elana Zilberg, Faculty, Communication
946. Maxwell Poore, Undergraduate, Physics
947. Dominic Paul Miller, MFA Student, Visual Arts
948. Jeanette Cobian, Alumni, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Class of '12)
949. Jessica Urquidez, Undergraduate, Ethnic Studies
950. Luis Martin-Cabrera, Faculty, Literature
951. Joselynn Ordaz, Undergraduate, Communication
952. Enrique Soto, Alumni, Ethnic Studies 2007 (Student Affirmative Action Committee)
953. Julian Robles, Undergraduate, Political Science, Early Academic Outreach Program
954. Miguel Pinedo, PhD, Alumni, Public Health
955. Moon Pankam, Undergraduate, Environmental Systems (Associate Vice President, Environmental Justice Affairs, Associated Students at UCSD)
956. Breanna Gabriel, Undergraduate, Human Development
957. Lesly Figueroa, Undergraduate, UCSD
958. Jacque Meoff, Undergraduate, Women and Gender Studies
959. Ming Hsu, Alumni, Economics
960. Aleesha Anderson, Undergraduate, Visual Arts
961. Lauren Roberts, Undergraduate, International Studies (Associated Students)
962. Morgan Reitano, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences, Marine Biology
963. Brooke Ryan, Undergraduate, Mathematics
964. Heidi Sierks, Undergraduate, Cognitive science
965. Dave Stegman, Faculty, IGPP/ Scripps Institution of Oceanography
966. Amy Cimini, Faculty, Music
967. Jason H. Thompson, Alumni, Theatre and Dance
968. Johanna Casao, Alumni, Linguistics
969. Beatrice Pita, Lecturer, Literature
970. Eric Diaz, Alumni, Biomedical Engineering
971. Natalie Martinez, Undergraduate, Chicana/o Studies
972. John Murillo, Undergraduate, Political Science (President, Pi Sigma Alpha)
973. Jocelyn Bulante, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science/ Ethnic Studies
974. Ramon Quintero, Family Member, Urban Planning
975. Richard Moorefield, Family Member of Study in Rady School of Management
976. Anastassia Gomez, PhD Student, Chemistry and Biochemistry
977. Justin Huynh, Undergraduate, Environmental Engineering (President, Sixth College Student Council)
978. Diana Gutierrez, Undergraduate, Biology
979. Esin Duzel, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
980. Lawrence Norman Le Blanc, MBA Student, Rady School of Management (Proud Mexican and LGBT community member)
981. Rosaura Sanchez, Faculty, Literature, UCSD
982. Mariana Marin, Alumni, Literature
983. Monica G. Varela, MA Student, Leadership of Health Care Organizations (HRPP staff, Phi Lambda Sorority Inc.)
984. Alex Sinclair, Undergraduate, Physical Sciences
985. Dustin James, Undergraduate, Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution
986. Angela Booker, Faculty, Communication
987. Chandler Puritty, PhD Student, Biological Sciences
988. Elaine Raif, Alumni, Visual Arts
989. Waqas H. Butt, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
990. Nicole Orsi, Undergraduate, Biology
991. Jia Qi Fan, Alumni, Human Development
992. Eun Jung Park, Lecturer, Visual Arts, Muir College Writing Program
993. Rosalie Tielens , Undergraduate, Political Science
994. Alexa d'Heilly, Undergraduate, Linguistics (Kappa Alpha Theta)
995. Osinachi Ajoku, PhD Student, SIO/Climate Science (Environmental Justice Collective Member/ Diversity Advisory Council-SIO)
996. Cynthia Carbajal, Alumni, M.A. Curriculum Design Education
997. Reinhart Selvik, Alumni, Visual Arts/Communication
998. Arturo Vazquez, Alumni, Political Science
999. Ian Rasmuson, Undergraduate, Biology (Secular Student Alliance)
1000. Sam Kolodezh, PhD Student, Drama and Theater Joint UCI-UCSD
1001. Devi Krishnan, Undergraduate, Humanities
1002. Angie Nguyen, MS Student, CSE
1003. Zeinabu Irene Davis, Faculty, Communication
1004. Cynthia Vazquez, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies
1005. Diana Robles, Alumni, International Studies
1006. Daniela Zarate, PhD Student, Biological Sciences
1007. Lydiesther Martinez, Alumni, Biological Sciences
1008. Krys Méndez Ramírez, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies
1009. Hamna Khan, Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering (AOII, SWE, IEEE)
1010. Joe Cantrell, PhD Candidate, Music
1011. Alejandra Rios-Cazares, Alumni, Political Science
1012. Samantha Dadat, Undergraduate, Visual Arts (ICAM)
1013. Jazmin Kathleen Jara, MA Student, Biology
1014. Karla Ivonne Escobar, Undergraduate, Political science
1015. Courtney Standish, Undergraduate, Criminal Justice
1016. Mayra Vega, Alumni, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (SHPE, Gordon Scholars)
1017. Shanna Puruncajas, Undergraduate, Sociology (Phi Lambda Rho Sorority, Inc., Undocumented Student Services Center)
1018. Ulises Ricoy, Faculty, Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science
1019. Gayatri Singh, UCSD Librarian
1020. Sandra Medina, Alumni, MAE (SHPE)
1021. Brenda Delgado, Undergraduate, Biochemistry/Cell Biology
1022. Edyth Rodriguez, Alumni
1023. S. Cecilia Young, Undergraduate, International Studies
1024. Susan Lee, Alumni, Art History
1025. Diana Marcella Vargas, PhD Candidate, Literature
1026. Rachel Anne Diaz, Undergraduate, Literature/Writing, Political Science/International Relations
1027. Aman Birk, Undergraduate, Math
1028. Danbi Ahn, PhD Student, Psychology
1029. Pablo Perez-Aumada, PhD Candidate, Sociology (UAW 2865 Head Steward)
1030. R. Mata, PhD Candidate, Linguistics
1031. Marco Antonio Huerta. MFA Student, Literature
1032. Chanfou Saelee, Undergraduate, Asian American studies
1033. Ricardo Rocha, PhD Student, Drama & Theatre, UCI & UCSD
1034. Erin Cory, PhD (2015), Communication
1035. Elsie Inez Varela , Undergraduate, Environmental Engineering (IDEA scholar, Women's Center Social Justice Peer Educator)
1036. Mariola Alvarez, Alumni, Visual Arts
1037. Jose Lugo-Martinez, Alumni, CSE
1038. Ana Grinberg, Ph.D., Alumni, Literature
1039. Pasquale Verdicchio, Faculty, Literature
1040. Joshua Francois, PhD Student, Bioengineering
1041. Roberto Tinoco, Alumni, Biology, Postdoctoral Fellow
1042. Orlangie Natera-Naranjo, PhD Candidate, Neuroscience
1043. Nora Bodrian, Staff, Intercollegiate Athletics
1044. Todd Kontje, Faculty, Literature
1045. Noni Brynjolson, PhD Student, Visual Arts
1046. Ramona Gonzales Mason, Staff (CREATE/CRLP/EAOP/TRIO)
1047. Diana Platero-Lopez, Staff, Music
1048. Lydia Ramirez, Staff, MAE
1049. David Espiritu Jr., Staff, UCSD Music Department
1050. Carol Schrammel, Staff (CREATE/SD Area Writing Project)
1051. Andres Gutierrez Martinez, PhD Student, Music
1052. Manny dela Paz, Staff, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Advisory Board, UCSD GRADNet
1053. Andrew M Wells, PhD Candidate, Counseling & Human Development – UGA, UC Alum
1054. Sean Saly, Alumni, Alumni 2009
1055. Antonio A. Martínez, Staff, Advancement
1056. Maria L. Gavidia, Staff, Office of Biomedical Research Career Development
1057. Carri Fierro, Staff, TRIO Outreach Programs
1058. Norma M. Alfaro, Staff, Payroll
1059. Alison Wishard Guerra, Faculty, Education Studies
1060. Jan Lenington, Staff, Bioengineering
1061. Anand Sastry, PhD Student, Bioengineering
1062. Kathryn Murphy, Staff, Graduate Division
1063. Yvonne Wu, PhD Student, Music
1064. Audrey Sechrest, Undergraduate, Communication
1065. Yijia Pan, PhD Candidate, Bioengineering
1066. Leanne Nordeman, Staff, Biomedical Sciences
1067. Fausto Lopez, Staff, University Centers
1068. Esther Choi, PhD Student, Ethnic Studies
1069. Josephine Lynnay Consul, Undergraduate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Sixth College Resident Assistant)
1070. Sarah Vaccaro, MS Student, Bioengineering
1071. Nan Renner, Staff, CREATE - Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence, Cognitive Science Lecturer and Alumna
1072. Jonathan Maassen, MEng Student, Bioengineering
1073. Stephanie Navrides, Staff, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCSD Alumna ('87 Economics)
1074. Maureen McCormack, Staff, SIO
1075. Zarin Shaghaghi, Staff, OAPED
1076. Maritza Alvarez, Alumni, Ethnic Studies
1077. Paulina M. Gonzales, PhD Candidate, Department of Literature
1078. Bailee Chandler, PhD Candidate, Literature
1079. Randall Baker, Alumni, Psychology
1080. Fernando Sanchez, PhD Student, Literature
1081. Mark B. Kelley, PhD Candidate, Literature
1082. Rafael Hernandez, Staff, Early Academic Outreach Program, CREATE
1083. Melissa Rogers, Alumni, Political Science
1084. Andrew Sukjoon Hong, Alumni, Political Science
1085. Martin Spang, PhD Student, Bioengineering
1086. Alicia Garcia, Undergraduate, Psychology
1087. Jordan Krikorian, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science
1088. Nayan Shah, Faculty, History, Former Faculty at UCSD
1089. Pritha Multani, Alumni, Department of Biological Sciences, Muir College, AB@UCSD
1090. Cecilia Ozkan, Staff & Alumni (Political Science), Music
1091. Karen Ruth Kornweibel, Alumni, Literature
1092. Juan Gaytan, PhD Candidate, Education, Encuentros Leadership
1093. Madison Greenstone, MA Student, Music
1094. Jody Blanco, Faculty, Literature
1095. Tony Enriquez, Staff, Advancement, Rebecca Tran, Undergraduate, Biology / Religion
1096. Raul Herrera, PhD Student, Physics
1097. Ryan O'Connell, Staff, Research
1098. Pablo Misael Avila-Estevez, Undergraduate, Physics, OASIS
1099. Niral Patel, Undergraduate, UCSD
1100. Joanne Son, Undergraduate, Mathematics
1101. Mary K Smith, Staff, Advancement
1102. Migueltzinta Solis, MFA Student, Literature
1103. Miguel N. Abad, PhD Student, Education
1104. Nicole Farrales, Undergraduate, Political Science
1105. UCSD Chicano/Latino Staff Association, Staff
1106. Sarah Ciston, MFA Student, Literature
1107. Jason Koh, PhD Student, Computer Science and Engineering
1108. Jorge Hernandez Leon, Education, M. Ed.
1109. Fernanda Aoki Navarro, PhD Candidate, Music
1110. Maureen Fahey, Staff, Music
1111. Andres Betancourt-Torres, Alumni, School of Medicine
1112. Rick Grush, Faculty, Philosophy
1113. Silvia Fonseca, Alumni, Medical student (LMSA)
1114. Sandy Gómez, Alumni, Ethnic Studies
1115. Anahita Abbasi, PhD Student, Music
1116. Joelle Victoriano, Undergraduate, Human Biology
1117. Suzanne Thorpe, PhD Student, Music
1118. Anahita Abbasi, PhD Student, Music
1119. Sasen Cain, PhD Student, Psychology
1120. Stephen Herrera, Undergraduate, AAU 3DAnimation & Visual Effects, Academy of Art San Francisco
1121. Lillian Pacheco Cole, Staff, Neurology
1122. Jeanine Webb, PhD Candidate, Literature (UAW 2865 Head Steward)
1123. Terry Le, Staff, Mathematics, UCSD Alumni
1124. Mary Ma, Undergraduate, Political Science
1125. Kevin Yang, MD Student, School of Medicine
1126. Lydia Winsor Brindamour, PhD Student, Music
1127. Anthony Freitas, Alumni, Communication
1128. Damilola Soyode, Medical Student, UCSD School of Medicine (SNMA)
1129. John Casabar, Undergraduate, Bioengineering (Acts 2 Fellowship)
1130. Justin Murphy-Mancini, PhD Student, Music
1131. Melissa Jo Morales, Undergraduate, Cognitive Science
1132. Mohamed Al Elew, Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering (College Democrats)
1133. Melissa Garcia Leyva, Undergraduate, International Studies-Business
1134. Mendy Hsu, PhD Student, Physics
1135. Priyanka Agarwal, PhD Student, Education
1136. Evelyn Nelson, Graduate student, School of medicine
1137. Eligio Martinez Jr, Postdoctoral Scholar, Education Studies
1138. Norma Velazquez Ulloa, Alumni, Biological Sciences
1139. Jacqueline Diaz, Undergraduate, Anthropology (Hermanas Unidas)
1140. Aaron Guerrero, MFA Student, Art
1141. Morgan Brownlee, Undergraduate, Sociology
1142. Nick Forsch, PhD Student, Bioengineering
1143. Miguel Yañez, Former Posdoc at UCSD, Former CASS member
1144. Briana Miranda, Undergraduate, Psychology
1145. Alycia Mosley Austin, PhD, Alumni, Neuroscience
1146. Terece Moret, Staff, CREATE
1147. Darlene Lopez, Alumni & Staff, UC San Diego Advancement (Hermanas Unidas de UCSD)

Off Campus Solidarity:
1148. Rochelle Lingat, Community Member (Anakbayan Inland Empire)
1149. Carlos Anílber Rivas Maradiaga, PhD Candidate, Art History, UCLA (U.S.E.U. de UCLA)
1150. Martha Rosario, Family Member, Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona
1151. Leidy Vasquez, Undergraduate Student, Political Science, UCLA
1152. Jill M. Holslin, Alumni, Literature (Faculty, SDSU)
1153. David Chavez, Ph.D. Student, History, UCR
1154. Max Loder, PhD Student, History, UCR
1155. Felicia Arriaga, PhD Student, Sociology, Duke University
1156. Megan Suster, PhD Student, History, UCR
1157. Jorell Meléndez-Badillo, Ph.D. Candidate, History Department, The University of Connecticut
1158. Romina Green Rioja, PhD candidate, History, UC Irvine
1159. Fernanda Canchola, Community Member, Business Management SDSU (Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.)
1160. Hugo Ceron-Anaya, Faculty, Sociology, Lehigh University
1161. Ana Campos, Undergraduate, SDSU (LTA)
1162. Estephania Villalobos, Undergraduate, Psychology/ Creative Writing (CSUN)
1163. Chris Nelson, Community Member (Industrial Workers of the World - Los Angeles General Membership Branch)
1164. Angelica Becerra, PhD Student, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UCLA
1165. Elizabeth Costello, Community Member, Working RN
1166. Tim McEldowney, PhD Student, Mathematics, UCR
1167. Nic Paget-Clarke, Community Member (In Motion Magazine)
1168. Justin F. Reeves, Postdoctoral Fellow @ WEAI, Columbia University, Political Science, Ph.D. in Political Science at UCSD 2015
1169. Francisco Contreras, Alumni, Structural Engineering (Sigma Nu Alumni, Columbia University Grad Student)
1170. Xavier Ramos Olive, PhD Student, Mathematics, UC Riverside
1171. Jennifer Flores, Undergraduate, Social Work (Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.), SDSU
1172. Maria del Carmen Huerta, Undergraduate, PSFA, SDSU (Lambda Theta Aplpha Latin Sorority, Inc.)
1173. Constance Cortez, Alumni, School of Art, Texas Tech University
1174. Daniela Marquina Cuevas, Undergraduate, SDSU Health and Human Services
1175. Nicole Henrikson Gockel, Undergraduate, History, California State University Fullerton
1176. Paula Ledesma, Undergraduate, Linguistics, UCSC
1177. Liam Gallagher, Undergraduate, Politics, UCSC
1178. Ana Jerez, Undergraduate, Community Member
1179. Judith Stevenson, Community Member, Faculty CSU Long Beach
1180. R. Gabriel Flores, PhD Student, History, UCR
1181. Chloe Courtney, MA Student, Department of Art and Art History, University of New Mexico
1182. Emilie Santos Tumale, MA Student, Asian American Studies, UCLA
1183. Jake Pham, Undergraduate, Health and Human Services (SDSU student, Alpha Phi Omega)
1184. Karissa Mooney, Community Member
1185. Sam Hyde, Community Member (Million Dollar Entertainment)
1186. Ryan Mina, Undergraduate, SDSU (Alpha Phi Omega)
1187. Gilbert Sarabia, Undergraduate, Undergraduate Studies, SDSU
1188. Priscilla Medina, SDSU Student, Mathematics (Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated)
1189. Arturo Fernandez, PhD Student, Statistics, UC Berkeley
1190. Alan Alexander Malfavon, PhD Student, History, UC Riverside
1191. Kathleen Tobin, Faculty, Purdue University Calumet
1192. Nebai Chavez, Community Member
1193. Brienna Buttner, Community Member, Teach AZ, University of Arizona
1194. Pearl Fang, Community Member, SDSU (SDSU Pride Center)
1195. Luis F. Aviles, Faculty, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Irvine
1196. Jaime Rodríguez, Faculty, Romance Languages, University of Michigan
1197. Yajaira Pacheco, Undergraduate, Child and Family Development (SDSU - Association of Chicana Activists)
1198. Paul Chan, MD candidate, School of Medicine, UCR
1199. Lucero Ramos, Graduate Student, MURP, UCLA (Planners of Color for Social Equity)
1200. Mariela Dieguez, Community Member, Visual and Performing Arts/ Biology, CSUSM Alumni
1201. Daisy Vargas, PhD Student, History, UCR (Articul@s Autonom@s)
1202. Cynthia Galindo, Family Member, Student
1203. Levi Truong, Community Member, Cognitive Science, Yale University
1204. Anel Bravo, MA Student, Chicana/o Studies , California State University, Northridge
1205. Catalina Roberto, Community Member, Teacher, Cvesd
1206. Juliana Clark, Undergraduate, English, SDSU
1207. Jeanette Diaz, Alumni, Student Affairs in Higher Education, Missouri State University
1208. Elizabeth Natalia Costello, Community Member (Union RN, Sharp)
1209. Gabriela Garcia Presa, Undergraduate, Social Work, SDSU
1210. Ivette N. Hernandez-Torres, Faculty, Spanish and Portuguese, UC Irvine
1211. David Melendez, PhD Student, UMN Theatre Arts and Dance (Whose Diversity?)
1212. Leslie Salazar, Family Member
1213. Carmen S Islas, Community Member (Ciudadania en Espanol)
1214. Ricardo Ramirez, Undergraduate, Civil Engineering, San Diego State University
1215. Emanuel Aldretr, Community Member, Business, SDSU
1216. Kylie King, Community Member, Interior Architecture, RISD
1217. Azucena Zepeda, Undergraduate, UCB
1218. Valerie Mae Vargas, Undergraduate, Asian American Studies, UCLA (Asian Pacific Coalition, Samahang Pilipino)
1219. Jonathan Acero, Undergraduate, Biological Sciences, UCSB
1220. Olga Garcia, Adjunct Faculty, Chicana/o Studies at Cal State LA
1221. Melanie Leon, Alumni, Ethnic Studies, PhD Candidate, Stanford University
1222. WeAreCSULB, Chicano/Chicana Latina/Latino Studies (WeAreCSULB stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from UCSD)
1223. Veronica Gonzalez, Resident Physician, UT Austin Dell Medical School Women's Health, UCSF, UC Berkeley
1224. Maribel Contreras Lopez, Staff, Political Science, Economics and World Languages & Cultures, Purdue University Northwest
1225. Filiberto Mares, Faculty Of Languages, Faculty- Spanish, Clemson University
1226. Tiffany Fotopoulos, Undergraduate, Labor Studies, Cornell University
1227. MEChA de Cornell, Community Members, Chicano Studies
1228. Wendy D. Garcia, Undergraduate, Political Science International Affairs, UCR
1229. Marybel Canizales, Undergraduate, Psychology, UCR
1230. Emily Brooks, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, UCI
1231. Melissa Wrapp, PhD Student, Anthropology, UC Irvine
1232. Robert Worlds, MS Student, Counseling, SDSU
1233. Rahwa Gebrihiwet Weldeselase, Undergraduate (SDSU College of Health and Human Services, African Student Union)
1234. Arnelle Sambile, Undergraduate, English & Communication at SDSU
1235. George Allen, PhD Candidate, Spanish and Portuguese, UCI
1236. Michael Innis-Jimenez, Faculty, American Studies, University of Alabama
1237. Luis Juarez, Community Member, MSW Student, University of Southern California
1238. Katrina Hidalgo, Undergraduate, Health and Human Services (SDSU, APSA/Asian Pacific Student Alliance)
1239. Richard Grijalva, PhD Candidate, Rhetoric, UC Berkeley
1240. Megan Pennings, MA Student, Chican@ Studies - Cal State Los Angeles (MALCS de Cal State LA)
1241. Dang Chau, Undergraduate, San Diego State University (SDSU Asian Pacific Student Alliance)
1242. Alberto Castro, Undergraduate, International Business
1243. Jerry Tapia, Undergraduate, Psychological & Brain Sciences, UCSB
1244. Francisco Herrera, MA Student, Latin American Studies, UT Austin
1245. Margarita Loeza, MD, Family Physician, Medicine (Venice Family Clinic)
1246. Angel M. C. Moscosa, Community Member, Latin American and Latino/a Studies (Smith College, 2011)
1247. Norma Gonzalez, UCLA Undergraduate, Chicano/a Studies/ Spanish Literature
1248. Jennifer Thornton, PhD Student, History, UCR
1249. Gregory Kohler, PhD Student, UCI, Department of Anthropology
1250. Roger Freedman, Faculty, Dept. of Physics, UCSB
1251. Idalia P. Robles De León, PhD Student, Chicana/o Studies, UCSB
1252. Iñaki Rodeño, Faculty, Modern Languages and Classics Univ of Alabama
1253. Priscilla San Juan, Undergraduate, UC Irvine
1254. Melissa Canela, Undergraduate, Sociology, University of San Francisco
1255. Mario Alberto Viveros Espinoza, MS Student, Sociology, UCSB
1256. Jessica Vega, Teacher, Political Science, Social Studies/ History Education, California State University Long Beach, Grand Canyon University, CVUSD
1257. Jonathan Gomez, Alumni, Biology, MD Student (UCLA)
1258. Stephanie Martinez, Undergraduate, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, SDSU (MEChA and APSA)
1259. Natalia Jacovkis, Faculty, Classics and Modern Languages, Xavier University
1260. Irazema Johanna Islas, Undergraduate, San Diego State University (SDSU-A.Ch.A)
1261. Abraham Lopez, Undergraduate, Biology, San Diego State University
1262. Brenda Cruz, UCSB, CSULA Alumni, Visual Arts
1263. Raziel Rizzo, Undergraduate, Kinesiology, SFSU
1264. Gabriela Chavira, PhD, Faculty, Psychology, CSU Northridge
1265. Victoria Kaestner, UC Community Member (UC Berkeley), Classical Civilizations
1266. Elizabeth Deegan, UCM Alumni & Cognitive Science MA Student at University College Dublin Ireland, Cognitive Science
1267. Alberto Morales Ramirez, PhD Student, Anthropology, UC Irvine
1268. Michael K. Schuessler, Faculty, Humanidades, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Cuajimalpa, Mexico City
1269. Efraín Barradas, Faculty, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida
1270. Melpomene Katakalos, Alumni, Theatre and Dance, Current professor at Lehigh University
1271. Tom Boellstorff, Faculty, Department of Anthropology, UC Irvine
1272. Brittany Anderson, Staff, American Indian Studies, University of Minnesota
1273. Rachael De La Cruz, PhD Student, History, UC Irvine (UAW 2865 Head Steward)
1274. Susannah Fishman, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
1275. Laurie Dickmeyer, PhD Candidate, History, UC Irvine (UAW 2865 Head Steward)
1276. Andrea Milne, PhD Candidate, History, UC Irvine
1277. Leo R. Chavez, Faculty, Anthropology, UC Irvine
1278. Jose M. Alamillo, Faculty, Chicana/o Studies, CSUCI
1279. Jill Quilici, Faculty, Psychology, CSU Northridge
1280. Alejandra Alonso, Undergraduate, Public Relations/Spanish, SDSU
1281. Lindsey Davis, MA Student, Gender Studies, UT Austin
1282. Angelica Carrillo, MA Student, OLPD, University of Minnesota
1283. Jose Luis Valenzuela, Los Angeles Theater Center/Latino Theater Cimoany, UCLA School Of Theater Film and Tv Distinguished Professor Head of the MFA Directing program (Los Angeles Theater Center/Latini Theater Company Artistic Director)
1284. Jeannette Garceau, Community Member
1285. Guadalupe R Corona, Community Member
1286. Perla Arroyo, Community Member, Psychology
1287. Megan Neal, PhD Student, Anthropology, UCI
1288. Aleida Lomeli, Undergraduate, SDSU TFM film senior
1289. Lynn Dombrowski, Alumni, UC Irvine
1290. Daniel Blanco, Undergraduate, History, UC Riverside
1291. Nancy Moreno, Alumni, Counseling Services, Palomar College
1292. Mohammed Ali, MA Student, UC Irvine, History (UCI History Graduate Students Association)
1293. Carmen Saavedra Islas, Family Member
1294. Olivia Humphrey, PhD Student, History, UC Irvine
1295. Michael Montoya, Faculty, Anthropology & Chicano/Latino Studies, UC Irvine
1296. Ali Zahir, Undergraduate, Molecular Toxicology, University of California, Berkeley
1297. Christina Escudero, Undergraduate, Gender and Sexuality, UC Riverside
1298. Ariana Hernandez, Undergraduate, SDSU, Psychology
1299. Jimena Canales, Faculty, History, University of Illinois-UC
1300. Arturo Zepeda, Lecturer, CSULA/ELAC Chicano Studies Department
1301. Alix Webster, Undergraduate, Gender and Sexuality Studies (Web Admin/Treasurer for Asterisk of UCR)
1302. Janet Olivares, Undergraduate, Sociology, University of San Francisco
1303. Ruth Marleen Hernández, Alumni 2008, PhD Candidate, Sociology Department, University of Connecticut
1304. Marlene Mercado, Undergraduate, English, Westminster College
1305. Erin Min, Undergraduate, Neuroscience, UCLA
1306. Kayla Chun, Undergraduate, Physics and Biology (Food Cooperative Member)
1307. Ingrid Dineen-Wimberly, Faculty, History, UC Santa Barbara
1308. Dennise A. Gomez-Singh, Undergraduate, Sociology
1309. Brandon Wild, PhD Student, English, UC Irvine
1310. Chris Dearner, PhD Candidate, English, UC Irvine
1311. Wendy Sara, Undergraduate, Chicanx & Latinx studies, University of Minnesota
1312. Kristina Shull, Lecturer, History, UC Irvine
1313. Margaret A Billanueva, PhD, NEH Fellow, 1992 UCSD History Seminar, Professor, SCSU, Minnesota
1314. Kathy Liddle, Faculty, Sociology, University of Toronto
1315. Rudy Guevarra Jr., Faculty, Asian Pacific American Studies, ASU
1316. Juliet Ovalle, Alumni, Sociology, UCLA
1317. Cuong Manh Nguyen, Undergraduate, CSULB Department of Human Health and Services, CSULB Nursing
1318. George Hoagland, Faculty, Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota Duluth
1319. Maurine Callmann, Family Member, Neuroscience
1320. Katie Levin, Co-Director, University of Minnesota Center for Writing
1321. Francisco Laguna Correa, K. Leroy Irvis Fellow, English, University of Pittsburgh
1322. Carolina Rodriguez, Undergraduate, Economics, UCLA
1323. Susan Nguyen, Undergraduate, SDSU (Office of Housing Administration, Student Life and Leadership, Vietnamese Student Association, Alpha Phi Omega)
1324. Anandi Rao, PhD Student, Comparative literature, UCI
1325. Miriam Juarez, Undergraduate, English, UCLA
1326. NamQuyen Le, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health: MPH Candidate for Class of 2016, and UC Berkeley Alumni for the Class of 2011
1327. David-James Gonzales, PhD Candidate, History (USC)
1328. Judith Rodriguez, PhD Student, Culture & Theory, UC Irvine
1329. Miriam Noemi Luna-Ochoa, Community Member, USD MAIR Candidate 2016
1330. David Liu, PhD Student, Education, UC Irvine
1331. Mark Barcelona, Undergraduate, History & Political Science, UC Irvine
1332. Christopher C. Heselton, PhD Candidate, History, UC Irvine
1333. Chris Endy, Faculty, History, Cal State LA
1334. Edwin Chen, Community Member, Political Activist & Asian Holocaust Researcher
1335. Mikael Wolfe, Faculty, History, Stanford University
1336. Chris Dela Cruz, Alumni, CSULB
1337. Amber Orozco, MA Student, School of International Service, American University
1338. Ryan Zroka, Alumni, History, History Faculty, Clarkson University
1339. Abrielle D. Diaz, Undergraduate, Psychology, UC Irvine
1340. Luis Lagunes, Undergraduate, Psychology, UC Riverside
1341. Tesha Sengupta-Irving, Faculty, School of Education, UC Irvine
1342. Armando Abundis, Staff, University Centers Marketing & Programs (Union del Barrio)
1343. Leonor Delgado-Cadiero, Faculty, Pt Access
1344. Kyle Loewen, PhD Student, Geography, University of British Columbia
1345. Sarah Mellors, PhD Student, History, UC Irvine
1346. Alma Diaz, Family Member, Mathematics Teacher (LAUSD)
1347. Annie Wilkinson, PhD Student, Anthropology, University of California Irvine
1348. Sabrine Azraq, MA Student, Social Justice Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
1349. Toronto Students' for Justice in Palestine (TSJP), Undergraduate, University of Toronto
1350. Huy Chung, Postdoctoral Scholar, Education, UC Davis
1351. Khue Bui, Community Member, UCI Arts, Asian Pacific Student Association at UCI
1352. Yeonju Seong, Undergraduate, Art History, Music, PSB, Asian Pacific Student Association, UCI
1353. Vito Perez, Undergraduate from UCI, African American Studies and Film/Media Studies, Asian Pacific Student Association, UCI
1354. Ivana Kang, Undergraduate, Physical Sciences, APSA at UCI
1355. Jonathan Mardonio Cholula, Advocate, B.A. Psychology, San Jose State University
1356. Daishi Tanaka, Undergraduate, Government/Economics, Harvard University
1357. Tamara Mitchell, PhD Student, Spanish & Portuguese Literature, Indiana University
1358. Ali A. Olomi, PhD Student, History Department, UC Irvine
1359. Candace Edsel, Graduate Student, History, UC Riverside
1360. Liza Perez, Undergraduate, UCLA
1361. Danielle Cipres, Alumni, UCSF medical student
1362. Yesenia Martinez, Alumni, UC Irvine
1363. Erika, Undergraduate, Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine (Cesar Chavez Casa)
1364. Miguel De La Torre, Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
1365. Carolina He, Undergraduate, San Diego State University (Alpha Phi Omega)
1366. Eliah Overbey, PhD Student, University of Washington, Genome Sciences (BS Computer Science, UCSD)
1367. Myrna Garcia, Ph.D., Staff, Ethnic Studies (Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies and Latino Studies, Indiana University)
1368. Paola Tapia-Limon, Community Member
1369. Mariela Rojas-Salas, Community Member, Women's studies
1370. Dalila Villarreal, Community Member
1371. Marytza Flores, Community Member, Women's studies

(Additional names will be added to the list periodically each day)

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