District Attorney Endorsement Checklist
Our membership has already debated and decided that endorsing prosecutorial candidates is possible under certain conditions. Now we need to agree on what those conditions are!

Ideally, the final checklist will serve as a tool to streamline the committee's endorsement process. By sharing this with the Electoral Politics Committee and/or directly with candidates, we can minimize the amount of research and vetting necessary to come to a determination.

Below is a list of some potential questions or litmus test items we brainstormed. Please rate each and then add new suggests at the bottom.
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End cash bail. *
Stop prosecuting drug use/drug possession. *
End criminalization of homelessness (stop arresting/prosecuting/incarcerating unhoused people). *
Hold police officers accountable for abuses of power and excessive force. Call for discipline or firing. Refuse to accept witness testimony from officers (aka "Do Not Call" list). *
Work to end electronic surveillance and other forms of LAPD spying. *
Support full decriminalization of sex work. *
Oppose construction of new jails and prisons. *
Publicly declare support for Black Lives Matter. *
Stop prosecuting debt-related crimes (ex. unpaid parking tickets). *
Commit to downgrading/reclassifying crimes (felonies to misdemeanors, misdemeanors to infractions, removing certain infractions all together). *
Reject "Broken Windows" policing. *
Work to end all court-imposed fees. *
Commit to lowering arrest/prosecution rates. *
Commit to seeking short sentences, and put a stop to "death by incarceration" life sentences. *
Pledge to never seek the death penalty. *
Institute retroactive release (immediately release prisoners serving sentences for crimes that are no longer being prosecuted). *
Work to end all forms of discrimination based on criminal record, including employment and housing. *
Refuse to cooperate with ICE. Use all legal means possible to obstruct their work and protect people from threats of deportation. *
Commit to alternatives to incarceration (restorative justice, diversion programs, rehabilitation programs, etc.) *
Refuse corporate PAC campaign donations. *
The above list is far from complete. Add your suggestions here.
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Once we have decided on a final checklist, how should it be implemented?
If you selected "none of the above" please tell us how you would like the checklist to be implemented.
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