So you want to be a Proofreader?

What is an English only proofreader?
> Someone who fixes grammar, typos, logical discrepancies in translations.
> Communicates with translators if they don't understand/have doubts about the translation.

What is a Chinese/Korean proofreader?
> Someone who does the same things as the English proofreader except they check meaning as well.

Do I need to know a foreign language to be a proofreader?
No. It helps but no.

Which series do I work on?
Totally your choice, though it depends whether there is a position open for that project.

Age restriction:
Typically no younger than 16. But if you are confident and give us a good test we won't say no.

Some obvious things:
> You don't get paid
> You need to complete the test
> There's a 2-3 week trial after you are accepted.
> We work with Google documents

Complete this test before you begin filling the form

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