Take the 2019 TimeBank Pledge!
Unity in Our Community TimeBank is committed to creating a more sharing and caring community in Southwest Detroit through the exchange of services. We have over 800 members, but in 2019 only 205 people had an exchange.
We are asking YOU to take the pledge to 1) Provide 1 service in 2019 and 2) Receive 1 service in 2019. This could mean an individual exchange, teaching or attending a class, hosting or attending an event, or hosting or attending a group work day.

If you sign the pledge we'll check in every couple months to see if there's any way we can help you be more involved with the TimeBank.

Thanks for participating!
I pledge to provide at least 1 service through the TimeBank and receive at least 1 service through TimeBank in 2019.
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Would you like to be added to our text system? (We send 2-4 texts a month about events and exchange opportunities)
What's the best way for us to contact you?
Is there any particular service you'd like to offer or class you'd like to teach?
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Is there any particular service you'd like to request, project you'd like help with, or skill you'd like to learn?
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Anything else you'd like us to know?
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