2016 International Conference/Workshop Registration Form / 2016 國際研討會暨工作坊報名表(Registration has ended / 已截止報名)

此外,由美國發展而起的校務研究(Institutional Research,IR)能有效提供高等教育機構與互動關係人所需之資訊。為達到這樣的目標,本次研討會將結合高等教育校務研究與品質保證(Quality Assurance,QA),以提升治理品質與校務管理。

Over the past decade, higher education has been facing very new issues in global times, such as massification, international competition, marketization, public accountability, declining governmental funding, resources inequality, quality control, etc.

At the same time, ensuring students' learning outcomes and increasing educational accountability are becoming highly crucial in Asia. Moving forward, many nations with a well-established quality assurance system tend to encourage institutions to make good use of statistical data and scientific analyses in order to have a good quality decision-making policy. Developed and enhanced in the U.S., institutional research (IR) can provide valuable, institutional-level information for decision-making and planning purposes, which is proved to be useful to the varying stakeholders of higher education.

The purpose of this conference is to integrate IR and quality assurance (QA) into higher education to improve governance quality and institutional management.

Location 地點
GIS Convention Center 集思台大會議中心
Address: B1F., No.85, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan R.O.C.

注意事項 / Specifications
* 報名期間為9月1日至11月1日止。Registration opens from Sept. 1 to Nov. 1, 2016.

* 此研討原會 ACCUPASS 報名表於9月5日已移至此網頁,所有公告將已此為主。已填過原報名表的聽眾請勿再度報名。The conference registration form has been moved from ACCUPASS to this platform as of Sept. 5th, 2016. All details will be followed according to this form. Those who have registered through the original form, please DO NOT register again.

* 人數限制:研討會:150人; 工作坊:100人。Audience limit: Conference: 150 persons; Workshop: 100 persons.

* 國際研討會全以英文為主,現場將提供逐步口譯人員。The conference will be conducted in English. Consecutive interpreting will be provided.

* 國際工作坊理論演講全以英文為主,實務演講全以中文為主,現場無提供逐步口譯人員。The workshop Theoretical Sessions will be conducted in English, Practical Sessions will be conducted in Chinese. Consecutive interpreting will not be provided.

* 主辦單位保留修改活動權力。Hosts have the rights to modify any details to the event.

* 更多訊息,請聯絡以下資訊。For more information, please contact us via Cindy Chen / (02) 3343-1272 / cindy124@heeact.edu.tw

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