Trolley Pub Petition

I am a 28-year-old Raleighite; I spend most of my weekends in downtown. I love meeting my friends for dinner and/or drinks, walking around exploring, and trying out new shops and restaurants. However, in the past couple of years, one new business has become almost like an invasive species, taking over the area and having a negative effect on overall downtown life: the Trolley Pub.

While it might appear on the surface as a harmless night/afternoon out with friends, I genuinely believe that it has been having a harmful effect on downtown businesses and citizens. After thinking about this issue for a while, I have created the three most compelling reasons why the Trolley Pub should be more heavily regulated or banned from downtown Raleigh all together.

1. The noise: Obviously I don’t wish for downtown to be a totally quiet place, especially on the weekends. But, the Trolley Pub seems to make the most annoying kinds of noises constantly. I’ve never witnessed anyone simply laughing or talking loudly on the trolley. Out of the 30-40 times I have seen them out, all participants seem to constantly be encouraged to yell, especially the sound “woo” at very high volumes, all the while blasting loud party music. I am, of course, not opposed to this activity by its nature, but maybe that could be something those people could enjoy doing inside of one of our many nightclubs. I don't enjoy hearing “Wooooooooooooo, OMG Staci, chug another beer!!!” or the lyrics of a Katy Perry song belted out, out of pitch while I’m enjoying a drink outside on a Saturday afternoon.

2. The effect on traffic: The trolley causes constant congestion as it it the size of a car, but cannot go much faster than a couple of miles per hour. The trolley frequently blocks the box at intersections as it struggles to make through the light in time.

3. The lack of control of its patrons’ behavior: Here’s an anecdote that speaks to this point: One Saturday afternoon last spring I was walking down Hillsborough Street towards Salisbury. I noticed a funeral procession leaving the Episcopal church as I was nearing it. I then heard the Trolley Pub coming down Salisbury. I thought, surely, they won’t turn down here with a funeral procession. But either the driver didn’t see it or didn’t care, because the trolley made a right and came down the road anyway. I felt so badly for the deceased’s family, as the trolley’s patrons were too drunk to acquiesce to merely speaking using their “inside voices.” I remember one person trying to be quiet, but still yelling, “No, you have to shut up, someone is dead in there!” How would you feel if that was your loved one they were referring to? Insult was added to injury when another trolley also turned down that road and its patrons behaved in the same way.

This might be the most outlandish case I’ve seen, but it is by no means isolated. I’ve seen patrons yell at people on the street and curse loudly in five feet from children. No one enjoys having the Trolley Pub go by.

Now that I have made my case, it is time for you to act. Please provide your name, email and ZIP code below. I will share this petition with city and local leaders and ask them to look into the Trolley Pub's effects on downtown Raleigh. Thank you for your time.

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