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/Level 2 is available to all Startup Haven members in good standing who meet the Startup Haven membership requirements. , i.e., you are a full-time, venture-scale startup founder or C-level exec or an active investor pro-actively seeking your next startup investment.

If you are a founder recovering from your past startup experience (whether failed, acquired or IPO'd) and you sincerely intend to found another company, then you may also request /Level 2 membership access.

If you are unsure whether you meet the current membership requirements, you may send us an email at membership@startuphaven.com and we can suss it out together.
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The benefits of /Level 2 membership are exclusive to those who have completed the /Level 2 approval process. Access to most benefits includes additional screening to ensure that only /Level 2 members have access to these benefit. If you are approved for /Level 2 membership, it is imperative that you do not disclose any information that permit others to access /Level 2 benefits.
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