Pavlov Internship Application
Thank you for taking an interest in Pavlov! When filling out the internship application, detail is your friend. When you come across a question for which you have no experience, state that directly, as we want a clear sense for your starting point. Google will save each response, so you may return to the application when convenient.

Note that enrollment is selective. We seek candidates who we suspect will yield high returns on investment, not just for Pavlov, but for Denver's dog training community. Promising applicants will be contacted for more information. Once you've completed your application, email your resume to Tanya at

Thank you for taking an interest in dog training.


Tanya Cardwell

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Pavlov Internship & Shadow Program Application
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Are you interested in our in-home shadow program, or the board and train shadow program?
If interested in our board & train shadow program, are you able to work come to our location in South West Denver? 1835 S Vallejo St, Denver, 80223? *
If applying for Pavlov's internship, are you able to commit to 2 shifts a week, three hour shifts, for three months? *
If applying for Pavlov's shadow program, are you able to attend five hours of shadowing per week? (Days of the week are negotiable.) *
What breeds have you owned and/or lived with? *
Do you have any dog experience, professional or otherwise? If so, tell us about it. (Details are your friend.) *
Do you follow any dog training YouTube channels, blogs, books, magazines, podcasts, or Facebook pages? Which ones? *
Have you volunteered with dogs in the past? If so, where, and in what capacity? How frequently? What was/is the name of your supervisor? *
Which days and time frames are you available to volunteer? List each day before followed by the time you are available. (How many hours are you willing to volunteer?) *
Tell us about your previous work history, including time frames. *
Pavlov is unique in that we are skilled in traditional training, positive treat training, and humane electronic collar training. *
How did you hear about Pavlov? If someone referred you, who? What is your impression of Pavlov? *
Do you have customer service experience? Where, in what capacity, and for how long? *
Do you have teaching, instructing, or coaching experience? Where, in what capacity, and for how long? *
What specifically about dog training interests you? *
What would your former or current employers say are your strengths? Areas that need improvement? (Be genuine.) *
Which of the following are you available to help with? *
Might you be interested in joining Pavlov's dog training team after the program? *
What are you hoping to get out of this program? How do you plan to use what you gain in the future? *
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