2020 Legislative Session Survey
Vermont's 2020 legislative session is set to start in January. I want to hear from you about what you think of some of the major topics under consideration at the State House. Please fill out the brief survey below to let me know what's on your mind. Please feel free to share. Thanks for being an engaged community member!
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What are the top 3 issues you’d like to see the Legislature address during the 2020 biennium? *
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Do you think increasing Vermonters’ pay by gradually increasing the minimum wage will benefit Vermont’s economy and its workers? *
Do you want to see a law that will provide family and medical leave insurance for Vermont workers so they can take paid time off to bond with their newborn or support their loved one in a time of need? *
Do you support the State of Vermont moving toward a system of taxing and regulating the sale of marijuana, so we have adequate resources to protect consumers and reduce youth usage? *
Do you support the State of Vermont taking a leadership role to combat climate change, either individually or with neighboring states? *
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Other thoughts or comments?
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