Dover Comic Con Vendor Application
"A comic book convention or comic con is an event with a primary focus on comic books and comic book culture, in which comic book fans gather to meet creators, experts, and each other. It features a wide variety of activities and panels, with attendees often participating in cosplay (costume play). Comic book conventions are also used as a vehicle for publishers, distributors, and retailers to represent their comic related releases." Exhibitor space is in high demand and limited at Dover Comic Con 2019. Exhibitor space is not available for partisan political entities nor religious services or instructions. Exhibitor space is not available for commercial vendors whose wares are not directly related to or support the purpose of Dover Comic Con.

Completion of this application does not guarantee placement at the Dover Comic Con.

We are asking potential vendors to submit examples of their work (either as a website link, social media account, or photos of their products/services). As the Festival grows in attendance and public interest, we want to make sure we're saving room for vendors dedicated to comic book culture. The event producers reserve the right to accept or not accept applicants for any reason, and reserve the right to move any exhibitor location even on the day of the event, if necessary, for the benefit of the event.

The application deadline is 06/01/19 or until exhibitor spaces are full.

EDIT AS OF 2.11.19: Due to a high level of interest in the limited spaces with electric, the additional fee for a spot with electric has increased to $10.

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