Revitalize West Virginia's downtowns by increasing the State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit!
Increasing the State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit - a financial incentive for developers - would spark the redevelopment of West Virginia’s abandoned historic buildings and create thousands of jobs.

We are asking the West Virginia Legislature to increase West Virginia’s uncompetitive 10% Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit to 25%, in order to:

• Spur private investment.
• Create jobs.
• Repurpose vacant and underutilized buildings.
• Provide West Virginia with a positive return on investment.

West Virginia has 168 registered historic districts ripe for revitalization – yet developers chose to invest in neighboring states instead of our downtowns due to West Virginia’s uncompetitive 10% historic rehabilitation tax credit.

By signing this petition you are joining West Virginians all over the state in asking the West Virginia State Legislature to increase the historic rehabilitation tax credit in order to spark the redevelopment of one of our state's greatest assets - its historic buildings.

West Virginia must encourage the redevelopment of our historic buildings by increasing the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit to 25%, matching that of our neighboring states.
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Do you have an abandoned or underutilized historic building in your community that you wish would be redeveloped? Tell us about it!
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