2022 Boat Lottery Form
Due to the high demand for the limited number of CLCC boat racks, we will again have an annual lottery drawing to be held on March 12th, 2022 for the allocation of the racks.  Please fill out the application and once you submit it you will receive a copy to the email you have provided.
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Please review the rules & regulations below. Due to the high demand by homeowners requesting a boat rack, all rules will be strictly enforced.
1.   Only members in good standing will be eligible to participate in the boat lottery.
2.   All entries MUST be received in the office by close of business on Friday, March 11th, 2022.
3.   Entries will be drawn soon after the Board meeting held on Saturday, March 12, 2022.
4. We will try to accommodate your choice of boat rack location as best we can. If you have a preference, please note your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices on the form. Preferred locations will be allotted as drawn depending upon availability until all spaces have been awarded.
5. Homeowners will be notified by email as to whether they have been awarded a boat rack within a week of the drawing.
6. Entry slips will be drawn until all boat racks have been filled. All remaining entries will be drawn & a waitlist will be made in the order they were drawn. If a boat rack becomes available, the first person on the waitlist will be given that boat rack if they so desire.
7. A list of boat rack holders’ names and rack allotted will be posted at each location by May 1st.
8. ALL WATERCRAFT must be marked with CLCC stickers with block & lot number—above the waterline.
All watercraft must be removed from community property and all boat racks no later than November 1, 2022.
9.  If you sell your lot and are no longer an owner in CLCC the boat rack is returned to CLCC and awarded to the next owner on the waiting list.

  Anyone that receives a boat rack in 2022, must pay a $25 fee by April 13th or the boat rack will be forfeited and awarded to the 1st on the waiting list.

I have read and understood the rules and regulations for the boat rack. *
Owner's Regulations Article XIII. BoatsSection 13.01
All watercraft stored on CLCC property must be identified with the owner’s name, and lot and block numbers. Such identification must be applied so that they are visible above the waterline. 2. Overnight storage on the ground is limited to the North Beach area (Access VI) of the lake. 3. Boat rack space is allotted by a yearly drawing. 4. All boats must be removed from CLCC community property each year by November 1st(including those in boat racks). 5. Boats removed from community property by CLCC employees will have a pickup charge of $ 50.00, plus a $25.00 per month storage fee until the owner reclaims the boat. 6. CLCC is not responsible for damage or theft to boats stored on CLCC property. (See Article XIX. Lake for more information)
I have read and understood the rules and regulations for Owner's Regulations Article XIII. Boats Section 13.01.
Article XIX. Columbine LakeSection 19.01
1. Lake swimming at your own risk – no lifeguard on duty
2. Fish limit – 3 per person per day. Catch & release is strongly encouraged.
3. One fishing pole per person. Fisherperson must be in attendance.
4. No chumming for fish. No live minnows as bait. The use of artificial lures and flies is
preferred and recommended.
5. Bank fishing is allowed from community owned lots only (No trespassing on private
property.) Check maps at the Clubhouse or at the office for locations.
6. It is recommended to have one life jacket per person in each watercraft.
7. Only electric trolling motors are allowed on the lake during open water times of the year.
8. Do not put fish entrails in the lake, on the ice, or on the ground when cleaning fish. Use
the small trashcans provided at the lake accesses.
Owner’s Regulations-Revision #36 December 12, 2020 15
9. Small trashcans at the lake accesses are for fisherperson’s trash only. Household trash is
to be put in the trash compactor at the clubhouse parking lot.
10. In the event that any conveyance, vehicle, structure, equipment or other property
(including, without limitation, any snowmobile, ATV, UTV, other vehicles, boat, canoe,
kayak, paddleboard, other watercraft, augur, ice tent, stove, generator, heater, other
equipment, dock, chair, table, or other furniture) becomes partially or wholly submerged in
the lake, the following shall apply:
a. The responsible member at its sole expense shall, within 72 hours, remove the
submerged Item or cause it to be removed and clean up any resulting
environmental damage. For purposes of these Owners Regulations, “Responsible
Member” shall mean any member, who directly owns or operated the submerged
item, or whose family member, guest, or renter owns or operated the submerged
item, or who gave permission to access the lake to any person who owns or
operated the submerged item.
b. If the responsible member fails to remove the submerged item and to clean up
any environmental damage within 72 hours following submersion, CLCC. May, at
the responsible member’s sole expense, remove the submerged item or cause to
have it removed and/or undertake cleanup of any environmental damage.
c. If CLCC. Removes or causes the removal of the submerged item and/or
undertakes cleanup of environmental damage, the responsible member shall
reimburse CLCC for any and all costs related thereto. Such reimbursement shall
be made within 30 days following the date that CLCC sends to the responsible
member an invoice for such costs to the address of such member as shown in the
records of CLCC. Failure by a responsible member to timely reimburse CLCC
shall subject the member to legal action for enforcement and penalties for
violation of these Owners Regulations as well as attorney’s fees and costs
relating thereto. Such reimbursement and costs will be the member’s
responsibility and collectable in the same manner as an annual assessment.
I have read and understood the rules and regulations for Owner's Regulations  Article XIX. Columbine LakeSection 19.01. *
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Block (If you don't know your lot and block you can look it up through the assessor's office https://assessor.co.grand.co.us/assessor/taxweb/search.jsp. *
Lot *
How many lots do you own?  You will receive one entry for each lot you own, however will only be awarded up to one rack per owner/profile.  If you own a 1/2 lot only one entry for the shared lot is allowed. *
Select location by preference *
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Access II Office Location
Access V Clubhouse Location
Access VI North Beach Location
1st Preferance
2nd Preferance
3rd Preference
How many and what type of boat(s) would you use in the boat rack?  This way we can better assign racks according to size.
Please note below the physical constraints that require you to have a specific level boat rack:
All Watercraft require CLCC stickers with your lot and block.  2 on each side of the front.  How many stickers do you need?   *
Please only submit one application.  If you submit more than one application your applications will be removed from the drawing.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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