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Please fill in the following details and press submit. If you have any queries, email ops@animeleague.com.

Our prices can be found at https://www.animeleague.com/documents/ExhibitorPrices.pdf

Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking at https://www.animeleague.com/documents/ExhibitorTermsConditions.pdf

Do not complete this form for enquiries only - please email enquires to the above e-mail address. Please ensure you enter information accurately, as we copy fields directly when completing bookings. Completing this form does not guarantee your place, as we may not have the requested tables available. If we don't, we'll let you know of the alternative options if requested (as we appreciate not everyone will accept/want alternative table types) and/or add you to a waiting list for the table type requested.

Please add ops@animeleague.com to your email contacts to avoid having booking emails marked as spam/junk in error.

You are required to pay a 15% non-refundable deposit within 7 days of invoicing to secure your booking. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full information.

For an indication of availability, please refer to the document below.
Event *
Please tick which event(s) you are booking for - if your requirements are different per event then please book separately (do not put notes elsewhere in the form, as these will be ignored). We require a 15% non-refundable deposit within 1 week to secure the booking, and full payments will need to reach us at latest 8 weeks prior to the event.
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This is the name your stall is trading as.
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I agree to be emailed about future events run by Animeleague. I understand that I may opt out of emails at any time. Note this includes future event calendars.
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Smaller events have a cap of 4 tables, larger events have larger caps (limit depends on total event capacity), if you book over cap your booking will be reduced. Artists are capped at 1 table for all events.
Backing Tables/Space
Do you require any backing tables (OR space for stands/racks)? For prices, please see our Prices at the top of the form. (These are subject to space availability and are not available for Artist tables.)
Clear selection
Do you need power? *
Note power is not available for Artist bookings. Power provided for phone or computer chargers/ tills/ card readers/similar only. One standard socket per booking (unless agreed otherwise by e-mail). For food pitches (Manchester only), note external setups (such as vans) will need to supply their own power - we can't provide any power outside the venue. We do not charge for power, but note whilst we do our best to provide where requested, this is not guaranteed (and can be subject to venue limitations)
If you need power, please state what you will be plugging in. Please list all items, even if they will not be plugged in at the same time.
Do you require additional passes? *
You get one free pass per table (for the Stall Holder). Extra passes cost £20. Please state how many you need.
If you like, please tell us your website or Facebook Page.
Contact Number *
Please provide a contact number to get a hold of you at the event/ for dealing with any booking issues.
What will you sell? *
Give us a brief description. Do NOT put queries/ booking related notes/edits here as they will -not- be actioned. This section is purely to determine if your goods are permitted for sale or not. Don't forget to check the Exhibitor Terms to see if your stock is permitted.
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You must agree to the terms and conditions to proceed. This can be found here: https://www.animeleague.com/documents/ExhibitorTermsConditions.pdf
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