UK Refugee Material Aid Hub Survey
This survey is designed to tell us a bit about you and get your information on the survey directory, which will initially be shared on a regularly updated googlesheet.
After you complete this form we'll add your public information to the survey directory and contact you regularly to update your information.

This survey is focussed on groups collecting or distibuting material aid, ie physical items to meet people's needs. It may be expanded in future to include other services and advice, however that is not currently the focus.

It should take you 5-10 minutes to complete the survey, we're keeping it pretty basic to get things started.

The form is made up of 3 sections (pages):
1) Your contact information (Private): This is information that is kept within The Aid Hub team and only used to contact you to update the information we have about you and keep you informed about opportunities to collaborate with other grassroots aid groups (if you want).
2) Your public profile (Public): This information will be made publically available and is largely designed to be used as the basis for people looking up groups or creating maps.
3) Your current activities (Public): This bit is about what you're up to and is the information most likely to change on month-by-month basis. This will also be publically available.

Only the information you give us in parts 2 and 3 will be shared publically on a googlesheet to allow individuals and groups to find out where you are and what you're doing. There are currently and historically a number of maps and directories maintained by different organisations and people. We hope the data we make available will be of use to anyone making or maintaining such maps or directories, saving time for people working on similar projects and allowing the data we collect to go further.

If you have any feedback about the form, would like to suggest additional information to be included, or an expansion of focus, please contact us at

If you wish to update any information you give us, or request that we remove data from our public directory, or to ask us to delete your contact information, please contact us at

Thank you for taking part, and for all you do for people experiencing displacement.

The Aid Hub
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