@SheRunsSpace - run by Ilaria Cinelli
🔔 @SheRunsSpace is a new blog on Instagram, proposing models of women/girls of space that are easy to identify. The main goal is to share first-person lessons learnt of women/girls in the form of quotes to provide examples of career paths. The content of the post reports a short description, besides the bio. There are so many ways to stand up for ourselves, and you can make a difference!

It is an activity I am doing for the #Space4Women network of UNOOSA United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs [https://space4women.unoosa.org/network#space4women].

Your replies will be posted online (except for your email address).

What to expect:
1. Fill in this form;
2. Send me a picture profile of you!
3. I will send you a draft of the Instagram post for any changes;
4. After your written consent, I will post this material on @SheRunsSpace.

Note: Joining @SheRunsSpace won't make you a Space4Women mentor of UNOOSA. I am not the person in charge of the network, and each mentor is responsible for their initiatives only.
Website: https://ilariacinelli.com/s4w/
Trouble? Email: ilaria@ilariacinelli.com
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