The Core Connection Mentorship Inquiry
Please answer these questions without judgment or holding back. I recommend taking three long, deep breaths before you begin.
This is for you if you are fully committed to do the work to live the life you love in every aspect of your life, are creatively resourceful, ready to take action and invest to change your world, release old patterns, and activate your truth, power, abundance, and joy. Given that, at the end of our call, if I feel it is a good fit, I will invite you to work with me. I ask that you decide yes or no on the call. If this is not you, no worries. I wish you the best. If this is you, please proceed.
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1. What is your biggest frustration with your life right now? *
2. What have you done previously to resolve this issue that didn't work? Why do you think it didn't work? *
3. What is your big vision for your life? *
4. What is your desired quantum leap and by when do you want to accomplish it? *
5. What do you believe you need in order to achieve this leap? *
6. How ready and willing are you to invest in yourself and make the changes necessary to achieve your next level? *
7. What inspired you to reach out to me? *
Excellent. The application is complete. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions honestly. Any last comments you'd like to make?
Are you ready to unlock your inner goldmine, release everything that has been holding you back, and unleash your creative genius unto the world SO THAT all that you desire - adventure, freedom, fun, prosperity, impact, and influence - is yours. Hi! I'm Kori Gouge, the transformational mindset coach for hard core, heart core rebels who are frustrated and overwhelmed with not living in alignment with their true rebel spirit and desire to upgrade their operating system to receive greatly, connect with their truth, power, and greatness, increase their impact and influence, all while having more fun and freedom.
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