Vanhoover Pony Expo (and Online) 2022 Panel Application
Thank you very much for your interest in running a panel at Vanhoover Pony Expo! Please fill out the following form and you'll be on your way to hosting a panel of your very own.

Last day to apply: December 9th, 2021.
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To physically attend Vanhoover 2022, you will be required to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status. All attendees wanting to attend the physical event must be fully vaccinated by the date the event starts. These are the requirements to be able to hold our event as outlined by the BC government. There will be no exceptions to the vaccination requirement. Proof of vaccination status from your home province must be presented at registration to obtain your badge. In order to enter Canada at this time, USA and International travelers must have received a full series of approved vaccinations at least 14 days prior to your entry into the country. Upon entry to Canada, you must upload your proof of vaccination to the ArriveCAN app, which you will also need to present along with your passport/Gov ID to Registration to get your badge.Are you willing to comply with the BC Government regulations and Vanhoover policies regarding vaccination status? *
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